The 2023 case study plan for architecture seniors. Please copy, draw and punch in with the seniors!

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PARTD    Excellent homework parte    Supporting teaching materials students who sign up for 2023 Architecture Senior autumn case study plan can + 30 yuan   The master of architecture who obtained the original price of 69 yuan for postgraduate entrance examination “hand drawn Treasure Book + case manual”, 200 pages of A4 color printing, and more hand-drawn drawings, lines, drawings and expression exercises.

The class process on Saturday is: sharing case thematic analysis this week + demonstration of case copying process + problem solving and homework comments of special exercises.

The community will share selected case drawings from Monday to Thursday, release special exercises every Friday, and broadcast the class live from 20:00 to 22:00 every Saturday evening.

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Reduce 100 yuan → 99 yuan + 30 yuan   You can get the original price of 69 yuan of “hand drawn treasure book” + “case manual” registration contact part of the graphic information source network.

Sketch of exercise topic 03 special copying exercise   01 plane special copying training    02 facade special copying training    03 profile special copying training    04 modeling special copying training    05 special copying training of analysis chart   PARTC    Live broadcast of case copying course     The course is broadcast live for more than 2 hours a week.

The specific course arrangement is as follows: PartB    Presentation and exercise 01 copying demonstration course is the core course of this case camp.

PARTA    Course introduction the course arrangement starts from October 11, 2021.

The seniors and sisters take the students to copy, think and draw, and the process is fully displayed.

On Saturday, the case course will explain the cases copied this week in detail and demonstrate the complete copying process of a full set of drawings.

At the same time, it will explain the copying skills, expression methods, divergence of relevant knowledge points and other system case copying demonstrations during the teaching process.

The following is the sketch of copying and drawing demonstration course: residential class (I) copying and drawing process residential class (II) copying and drawing process exhibition class (I) copying and drawing process exhibition class (II) copying and drawing process education class copying and drawing process new and old class copying and drawing process classroom demonstration results 02 special exercises release special exercises on plane, section, elevation, general layout, modeling and analysis drawing every Friday, During the basic training of fast questions, help students form divergent thinking.

If there is an infringement contact, delete it.

PARTF    Registration method [Architecture Senior case study program] the charging standard is 199 yuan.

It will be explained on Saturday in combination with relevant cases and quick questions.


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