Tao’s new work: Anaya theater, the stage of the city

The 300 seat beehive theater is used for professional drama performance.

At the same time, combined with the sound absorption and refraction of the curtain, seats and audience’s body during the performance, the reverberation time of the space is controlled at 1.2 seconds, providing the audience with the ultimate audio-visual experience and a display space for the innovative interpretation of the drama.

At the same time, the ceiling structure adopts the triangular grid multi ribbed box girder system to realize the columnless space, forming the continuity of space and the penetration of landscape.

Above the berm and the back wall of the auditorium are slotted sound-absorbing plates with sound-absorbing effect, and the ceiling adopts 50 thick high-grade glass fiber finished sound-absorbing plates.

The stone on the facade of theater a is light in color.

Therefore, the design of outdoor Dionysian theater returns to the essence of drama – the interpretation of life.

△   The first draft of the design of the beehive Theater: the open Theater © Trace · architecture office (TAO) △   Conceptual collage of the beehive Theater © From another point of view, apart from the internal viewing and performance relationship of the theater, the Anaya theater architecture itself is a stage for the city, and the events in the theater are Anaya’s urban public life.

△   streetscape   © Yes, architectural photography △   Will dessert shop   © However, the essence of architectural photography and performance theater architecture is to deal with the relationship between architectural photography and performance.

At the same time, Dionysus theater provides actors with the possibility of different sets and positions.

The open-air performance with sand dunes and sea as the background itself has become the repertoire of the city, and the architecture has become the gathering place of urban public events.

It will stage the works of Meng Jinghui drama studio and other pioneer experimental plays.

The solid facade composed of metal and two kinds of stone endows the three theaters with different characters.

The outdoor Dionysian theater is located at the corner, connecting the streets on both sides and introducing the urban space into the interior.

Considering the uncertainty of the purpose of the play, this idea was not implemented in the end.

△   1:500 site model   © Trace · architecture office (TAO) △   Aerial view of the whole building   © The building is divided into three theaters, a theater, honeycomb theater and Dionysus theater, which occupy one corner of the site respectively.

It connects the natural sand dunes and sea into the streets and lanes to feed the humanistic city-state life.

  △   Draft concept    © Hua Li △   1:75 manual model   © Trace · architecture firm (TAO) △ overview of theater a, honeycomb theater and Dionysus Theater   © However, the functional positioning of the three independent theaters of architectural photography has its own emphasis, providing the community with multi-functional places suitable for different forms of performance, so as to carry more colorful cultural and artistic activities and community public life.

One side of the site looks across the sand dunes from the sea, and the other three sides are the urban environment close to the apartment building.

The division of the stone follows the perspective rule of human eyes, showing a dense rhythm.

Because it is tall and solemn, it can provide more specific experience space, which can meet the space use needs of various functions from drama performance to concert, exhibition, performance show, auto show and so on.

It is the center of phase VI Construction of Anaya town.

△   Honeycomb theater interior space   © Yes, architectural photography Dionysus theater uses a kind of coral stone from the seabed to retain the original fossil pores after stone cutting, shape its memorial as an urban public space and imply its relevance to the sea.

It is an open architectural complex and a theater belonging to the city.

Lifting Pin Anchor

The building provides it with professional equipment and acoustic conditions.

△ overview of theater a, beehive theater and Dionysus Theater   © Yes, architectural photography △   I looked at the sea from the Dionysian theater    © Design unit of field photo Institute   Location of Tao project   Completion time of Qinhuangdao, Hebei   Building area in 2020   4046 M2   Anaya theater is located on the gold coast of Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province.

Usually, it is a city square located on the corner.

The traditional theater is a closed box space, and the performances take place inside.

Actors entered the stage from the street.

Therefore, how to deal with the relationship between the theater and the sea, blocks and surrounding buildings, and how to shape urban space have become the focus of design.

△   1:75 hand-made model of a theatre and beehive Theatre © Trace · architecture office (TAO) △ a theater interior space    © Yes, architectural photography △   Indoor space of theater a (movable seat stowed) © At the performance site of △ a theater of the wild photo Institute    © Yes, architectural photography Dionysus theater faces the sea and can hold outdoor performances.

  △ a connection between theater and honeycomb Theater   © Yes, architectural photography △   lobby   © It is the conclusion of architectural photography.

Therefore, at the beginning of the design, a fully open door was designed behind the stage of the honeycomb theater.

Divide the whole into parts to form a three volume building complex, dispel the sense of scale conflict between a building’s too large volume and the surrounding buildings, and make the building and the city have a positive effect of mutual integration.

△   Main entrance of the theater   © Yes, architectural photography △   The main entrance of the theater and the dessert shop    © Yes, architectural photography △   Theater secondary entrance    © Yes, the back wall of the architectural photography stage adopts black Venice plastering with sound reflection effect.

The original idea of the design is to open the theater and let the stage take the sea and the city as the background.

Below the berm of both side walls is a concave convex shape diffuser that can refract and tune.

△   streetscape   © Yes, architectural photography △   Looking at the sea from the Dionysian Theater    © Yes, architectural photography.

△   Dionysus theater, beehive theater, a theater (from near to far) © Yes, architectural photography honeycomb theater returns to the traditional “black box theater” in modeling, which can accommodate 300 audiences.

△   Beehive theatre performance    © Yes, architectural photography △   Honeycomb theater interior space   © Yes, architectural photography a theater has 550 activity seats.

△   Draft concept of Dionysian Theatre   © Hua Li △   Dionysus theater performance    © Yes, architectural photography △   Dionysian Theatre    © Yes, architectural photography will locate the dessert shop on the first floor of Dionysus theater.

The activity area of actors will not be limited to the stage, but can make use of all heights, angles and traffic space to perform and string, so as to stimulate new performance methods.

The streets of the city became an extension of the stage space, producing an immersive drama experience.

In the cave like space, you can see the surrounding urban scenery everywhere.

△   I overlook the Dionysian theater    © Δ in the field   Bacchus theater and a theater Street View   © Yes, architectural photography △   Dionysus theater material details   © Yes, the architectural photography honeycomb theater and theater a are connected by the entrance hall, and the interior continues the facade texture.

The stage set is juxtaposed with the real urban life scene of the small town to create a unique seaside theater.

It carries the functions of performance, gathering, rest and sea viewing, giving more publicity to the urban life of the town.

The hue and facade of the interior space are unified into black to reflect the temperament of the honeycomb as a representative of domestic experimental drama.

Theater a and honeycomb theater, one large and one small, respectively continue the urban relationship between the streets on both sides, connected by the lobby in the middle.

Unfortunately, such a design needs to be highly combined with the design of the play itself.

The project is located in a special-shaped site at the intersection of two main roads.

△   Draft concept   © Hua Li △   Conceptual collage of the God of wine Theater   © Trace · architecture office (TAO) △   It can be used as the Dionysian theater in the city square   © It is natural that architectural photography materials express and texture.

We expect that this is not only a center of performing arts, but also a multi-functional place suitable for different forms of performance; At the same time, it is also the center of the cultural life of Anaya community, carrying more colorful cultural and artistic activities and community public life..


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