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On the other hand, the industries contacted in the science and technology investment promotion meeting are semiconductors, biomedicine, medical devices, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields.

I just passed the exam and came over.

When people feel that the environment is not suitable for you, they should make changes and adjustments as soon as possible instead of being trapped by the environment, because it is really difficult for people not to be affected by the environment, even if you are a person with strong self-control (just like Confucianism has become a part of your blood and blood unconsciously).

Some of the things we are taught in school are different from those we encounter in life, and people will be separated.

I thought I would go to the Department of housing and urban rural development, capital regulation or the sports and Tourism Bureau I most want to go to, but I didn’t expect to do investment promotion.

She spent a very happy time in the University.

Guest message: there is only one success – spend your life in your own way.


Because you are my leader, you have the right to take care of all my affairs, and I must grovel to you.

Maladjustment in work content.

You can put forward your suggestions, but it is limited.

Therefore, I suggest that you should ask about the specific position before entering the work unit.

Fortunately, the little partners around me who cooperate with me have a positive working attitude and are very kind and enthusiastic.

I slowly found some fun in my work.

After work, you will find some dark corners, some people who do not abide by the rules and play a marginal ball, and some people who do anything for their own interests.

I reported for planning and construction posts, but I was assigned to investment promotion posts.

They will draw cakes from each other in order to achieve their own goals.

If you stay in one place for a long time, you will think that this is the world.

It has a large span with my major.

This is not suitable for a straight engineering student who just came out of school.

You need to communicate with enterprises, put forward requirements to them and meet their needs.

These businesses can learn a lot.

I know that there are many possibilities in life.

Including my immediate leader, she is a hard-working and considerate person who can do everything.

In this environment, there will be too much emphasis on leadership.

I mainly work on scientific and technological talents.

Lifting Foot Anchor


Reflected in the following points: 1.

When she graduated, she mistakenly entered the system through the introduction of talents in the Yangtze River Delta.


My position is that people are equal, but it is difficult for you to change others.


I must regard myself as the protagonist of life and don’t give up the world.

I am more able to accept various phenomena, deal with different people, and indeed come into contact with many industries.

Suddenly, I found that the world has become complex.

But some people who know me very well will feel that this job does not give full play to my creativity and limits my freedom.

It is inevitable to meet some people who are not so sincere in their contacts.

Now I have been used to it and learned a lot.

In the first part, I said that my sister Ben Shuo, a distinguished guest, spent six years in the construction of Harbin Institute of technology.

Small editor’s note: This article has a large number of book recommendations.

In the long run, staying in such an environment may kill one’s will and become useless.

There are also many trivial things to deal with.

Get used to it and enjoy it.

To a certain extent, it has cured my social phobia.

We will be exposed to many large projects, invest hundreds of millions, billions or listed enterprises, and also link resources such as capital companies, provincial and municipal industry and research institutes, industry university and research cooperation of major universities for enterprises.

Some of them have the entrepreneurial spirit of fearing no hardship, which is very touching to me..

When I first heard the project, there were many obscure industry terms.

For a person who wants to create works very much, it is a bit of a waste of life.

When I first came to work, I was really not used to it.

So you may just be a screw to execute orders.

She will also give me a lot of work guidance and help me through the period when I didn’t adapt at the beginning.

But in the face of such things, we must not let ourselves become like this.

There is a sense of hierarchy in this environment.

Is the system really that good? I didn’t make any efforts to change my career.

This job really exerts people.

At the same time, you need to assist them in their services after landing, such as industrial and commercial registration, application for approval and construction, handling construction permit, customs filing, etc.

What’s more, you will meet people who don’t cooperate with your work and pass the buck.

In fact, at the beginning, I was very confused, because I thought that the unit did not consider everyone’s personal planning in this arrangement.

The scope of investment promotion is very wide.

At this time, you should sigh that there are really few things you can decide in life.

Instead, we should stick to the bottom line, protect ourselves and use our own strength to make the world a better place.

I think it is certain that people respect each other, but it is not necessary.

Most of the businessmen who come into contact in the field of investment promotion are businessmen.

If it was clearly written as investment promotion post at the beginning, it would be no problem, but it was planning and construction, which wasted my professional skills (later, I found that everyone in the system did rotate around and knew a little about everything).

In fact, people around me didn’t expect me to change careers, but most of them think that my work is very good and stable, I don’t work much overtime, and I don’t have KPIs.

The Yangtze River Delta does have a good leading talent policy and entrepreneurship policy, so you can ask me if you want to know about this area.

Interested partners can mark oh, unexpected roads.

The work content is very different from what I expected.

Not used to some phenomena in the system.

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For example, this is not a place that can innovate significantly, because the most important thing in the system is to seek stability.

I also heard that some people don’t even come to work, which I couldn’t imagine.

On the one hand, the policies of the comprehensive bonded area and the customs are really strange to me.


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