Standardized management of construction site wastewater and mud disposal in Wenzhou

In standardizing the requirements for management and control of construction mud disposal, the implementation opinions specify that the construction unit shall take overall responsibility for the disposal of wastewater and mud on the construction site, prepare mud treatment scheme, take pollution prevention and control measures, and report to the local comprehensive administrative law enforcement department for the record; The supervision and management of the mud disposal unit shall be strengthened, and the transportation vehicles shall enter and leave the site.

In the management requirements of construction sites, the implementation opinions are divided into six categories, namely, further standardizing the management and control of construction mud disposal, construction water intake, domestic wastewater disposal, production wastewater disposal, construction mud disposal generated by self built house piling and standardizing the law enforcement process.

Cast in Sockets

It is reported that this is the first implementation opinion jointly issued by departments in the province to systematically supervise the disposal of wastewater and mud at construction sites.

Recently, the five departments of Wenzhou jointly issued the implementation opinions on standardized management of wastewater and mud disposal at construction sites (for Trial Implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions), which has been implemented at present.


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