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Energy saving, cooling and heating of materials are the main part of building energy consumption, of which the energy consumption of walls, doors and windows accounts for more than 80%.

Continuously reduce environmental pollution, adopt low pollution materials and make more use of clean energy; 5.

In terms of decoration design, 2021 decoration takes bamboo wood fiber integrated wall as the core, provides one-stop whole house tooling and home decoration building materials services, and undertakes old house renovation, villa decoration, design, smart home installation, house construction, light steel villa decoration and installation, decoration design Quotation scheme wood material manual DIY sheet material Tilia board building model making, cutting and customizing plywood small phone: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i find decoration company, See 2021 decoration company for free / decoration design / quotation scheme Tel.: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i address: Languang Jinyue Furniture City, panda Avenue, Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Sichuan Boya Jiamei building materials Co., Ltd.

Biological composites refer to fiber-reinforced polymer composites, and the fiber composition comes from the residues of agricultural and forestry products, including crop straw, sawdust, shavings, corner waste and bagasse.

The consumption of resources must be reduced in design, construction and use; 3.

Tel: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i1.

Assign special personnel to track the project, supervise the service, assign special personnel to deal with it, and complain directly if you are not satisfied! Worry free experience! 9.

We cherish every customer, every construction site and every piece of wood, and our carpenter’s ingenuity and professional ethics.

Relevant media reported that the EU is actively promoting the use of biological composites (such as wood plastic composites) to build walls, wall panels and exterior wall panels.

[home decoration] includes: housing, rental housing, apartments, villas, renovation and reconstruction of old houses, partitions, toilets, kitchens, halls, balconies, etc.

Non toxic and pollution-free building materials must be the focus of market demand..

Construction is not outsourced, self owned workers, complete professional qualifications! Make every effort to ensure the quality of the project! 3.

[public places] includes: various exhibition hall decoration, shop decoration, beauty shop decoration, hairdressing shop decoration, fruit and vegetable shop decoration, convenience store decoration, mall decoration, library decoration, gymnasium decoration Case customers of decoration design projects such as lounge decoration: tianyuge, Xiaoer Liangmian restaurant, Meiyu beauty club, zodenis life restaurant, etc.

Tel: 183-8203-2675 wechat: below gd020i, we will describe how to realize green energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection of buildings from two aspects: energy conservation of energy-saving materials and material safety.

To reduce energy consumption, the focus is on the thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance of buildings.

Service advantages: 1.

Party A only needs to “select the scheme”, “sign the contract” and “acceptance”, so that you can focus more on your career.

It is an ideal outdoor material at present.

Self made project promotion table, refine each small item, postpone one refund item! 8.

We focus on the design, production and installation of wood plastic flooring.

It is mainly used for outdoor platforms such as garden landscape and villa.

Tel: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i in the next few years, the main development direction of green, environmental protection, low-carbon and energy conservation of buildings will still be: 1.

Cuplock Scaffolding Components

Plastic wood floor is waterproof, anti-corrosion, compression and insect proof.

Wood plastic composites have been playing a very important role in building green energy saving, low-carbon and environmental protection, and have been more and more widely used.

Buildings should be “green, environment-friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving”, and there are many ways to realize it, including energy-saving materials, renewable energy utilization, construction scheme, material processing, operation mode, etc.

Tel: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i wood plastic material is a new type of composite material booming at home and abroad in recent years.

The person in charge of the project is online 24 hours a day and will respond quickly to the scene within 3 hours! 6.


From the procurement of high-quality wood from the source to the careful design of the design team, and then to the customized production of its own factory, so that our product quality can be guaranteed.

Give “instruction manual” after construction to help you quickly understand the new office space! 11.

More renewable and recyclable materials are used, such as wood plastic composites.

Tel.: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i [catering industry] includes: high-end restaurant decoration, coffee shop decoration, teahouse decoration, self-service restaurant decoration, hot pot restaurant decoration, fast food restaurant decoration, canteen and other decoration case customers: Shangdao coffee Hutaoli music restaurant, grandma’s house, stone pot fish, thousand flavor ramen and other [office space] include: high-end office building decoration, office decoration, building decoration, group chain project decoration and other case customers: China railway construction, ant gold clothing, storm video, KuWo music, Guizhou Maotai, Daxin accounting firm and other [education industry] include: training room decoration, kindergarten decoration Multimedia classroom decoration, primary and secondary school decoration, University decoration and other campus case customers: LEGO Group, bell science and education group, Yousheng education, Maku robot and other [entertainment clubs], including spa health center decoration, private club decoration, KTV decoration, fitness center decoration, bath center decoration, teahouse decoration, Internet cafe and other decoration case customers: zheni private cinema Heyu fitness, jianion fitness, green environmental protection and low-carbon energy-saving buildings refer to buildings that save resources, protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions and pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use space, and live in harmony with nature.

Reducing the energy consumed in the production of building materials is also one of the common indicators of “green and energy-saving buildings” in the world.

R & D and production of economic and efficient thermal insulation materials and practical structural technologies to improve the thermal insulation, thermal insulation and sealing performance of building structures; 2.

It refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride to replace the usual resin adhesive and mix with more than 50% of waste plant fibers such as wood powder, rice husk and straw to form new wood materials, which are then processed by plastic processing processes such as extrusion, molding and injection molding, Produced plate or profile.

The basic requirement of building material safety is safety, so the building materials used must be safe before they can be called “green energy-saving building”.

The above services are committed to enabling you to have a better tooling experience and a more comfortable and efficient office space.

Information disclosure and symmetry, and eliminate Jerry building! 5.

The project has a lifetime warranty and is waiting for your call 24 hours.

Composites should have high performance and high quality, sufficient strength and durability; 4.


Plastic wood floor is a very environmentally friendly floor.

It is determined to create a green and beautiful future with you through its own efforts! Adhering to the principle of integrity, quality-oriented and after-sales design, we are committed to providing you with better products, services and user experience.

It can also be used for hydrophilic platforms of outdoor terraces, balconies and swimming pools.

The energy consumption of walls, exterior wall panels and indoor partition walls made of these materials is almost half less than that of other products with the same purpose.

Provide acceptance form and refuse to be “pit” 10.

Tel: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i Boya Jiamei aims at green energy saving and creating a green and environmentally friendly living environment.

Tel.: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i7.

Design is business, one-to-one communication throughout the project, efficiency first! 2.

“Call and shoot” at the construction site gives you * time to understand the project progress.

is a manufacturer of Chengdu wood plastic flooring and is committed to providing customers with multi-level and high-quality integrated solutions for plastic wood products.

Tel: 183-8203-2675 wechat: gd020i is looking for a decoration company.


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