Standard for construction workers among the eight members of Beiping Youjiao Business School

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The first policy is to “work with certificates”.

With the increasing number of employees in construction posts, the state has increasingly strengthened the management mechanism of construction workers.

Compared with other certificates, it is difficult to apply for the examination with high threshold.

Depending on the size of the project, it is not a dream for large projects to make millions a year, and small projects also have 40-50 years.

The person in charge of the work area is 150000-200000, which requires at least two or three years of experience.

After passing the Constructor Certificate, you can also be a project manager.

According to various data on the Internet, the most popular of the eight construction staff at present should be the construction staff.

In conclusion, no matter whether the construction unit has a future or not, as long as you study architecture related majors, there are still many benefits in the construction unit.

The certificate training courses are roughly divided into five categories: registration, professional title, post, operation and technical type of work, including the eight most commonly involved certificates; Work license of general technical type of work, etc.

Moreover, the information of construction certificates is accurately understood.

There is a large demand for posts and good career development prospects.

You can see the real situation of construction on the construction site, clearly understand the needs of all parties when communicating with all parties, and get access to the knowledge of different disciplines in construction.

Ordinary undergraduate construction workers have just been employed for one year, about 100000 after tax.

Beiping Youjiao business school has no time to explain.

In addition, obtaining relevant certificates is a great promotion for a person.

Let you choose the most suitable certificate, and then study hard and get it, so as to add different colors to your life.

The certificate of the eight members of the construction industry can be regarded as a certificate worthy of examination in the construction industry.

In general, dry construction may not have a future, but the learning in the process of dry construction will make people promising.

The project manager has at least ten years of working experience, understands construction, technology and experience, and has to be able to public relations with the owner and supervisor.

The construction unit is the place where your knowledge can be put into practice.

Production manager, 5 years experience, a complete project manager, 25-35 years.

In addition, there is a greater demand for constructors, and the development trend is constructors.

Therefore, we should not see whether there is a future in what we do, but whether what we do can affect our future.

Relevant data show that: construction worker – work area leader – Production Manager – Project Manager, this is the way to promotion.

As for our brand that focuses on providing architectural information consulting, textual research and training services for customer groups, we will build a platform for customers who want to improve themselves and competitiveness, and serve as a bridge between ideal and reality.

It is not difficult to be a construction worker, but to be a good construction worker and have a good development in the construction industry from now on, we need to plan carefully; At first, the construction worker certificate is a good “stepping stone”; After becoming a construction worker, you should go deep into the construction site and see more industry specifications and architectural drawings; In case of problems that cannot be solved by yourself, report to the project manager in time for advice.


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