[special planning] necessary for builders! Talking about the key points of the new production safety law!

The five key points of the new work safety law were to implement the new ideals and concepts, implement the central decision-making and deployment, improve the work safety responsibility system, strengthen the prevention and response to new problems and risks, and strengthen the punishment of illegal acts.


You and I participated in the creation of the Bureau financial media center and the copywriter of the general contracting company, Liu Guangming editor    Prestige    Gong Xiaobin reviewed by Ye    Qing [relevant recommendations] [special planning] listen to the voice of “safety”! [special planning] sing the voice of safety! One company & general contracting company, which one do you pick more? [recent hot spots] [fresh look] come on in the new semester, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau “build” your hand! [reform and development] China Construction Third Engineering Bureau: focus on customer satisfaction and optimize the project management system.

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What provisions were adjusted and revised in the new work safety law? What was highlighted? Let’s study together! Safety is no small matter.

On September 1, 2021, the newly revised work safety law of the people’s Republic of China was officially implemented.


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