Sorting out the whole process finance of construction enterprises


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Pre tax project cost: the sum of labor cost, material cost, use cost of construction machines and tools, enterprise management cost, profit and fees.

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During bidding quotation, the pricing rule of “price tax separation” shall be implemented for the projects subject to general tax calculation method, and the pre tax project cost shall be set before bidding quotation.

Level I and level II qualifications: 13 port and shipping equipment installation and water traffic management engineering, electronic and intelligent engineering, fire-fighting facilities engineering, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering, nuclear engineering, offshore oil engineering, building decoration engineering, building curtain wall engineering, highway traffic engineering, railway track laying and beam erection engineering Airport Road Engineering, airport visual navigation aid engineering, civil aviation air traffic control engineering and airport weak current system engineering, 2.

tax related risks and prevention and control of construction enterprises I.

Subcontracting often occurs, and the information entered by the Subcontractor is incomplete.

Matters needing attention in the compliance of the project contract 6.

    (1) The 12 general contracting qualifications are classified into 1.

Grade I, II and III qualifications: 20 foundation engineering, hoisting equipment installation engineering, bridge engineering qualification, tunnel engineering, steel structure engineering, building electromechanical installation engineering, ancient architecture engineering, urban and road lighting engineering, highway pavement engineering Highway subgrade engineering, railway electrical engineering, Railway Electrification Engineering, port and coastal engineering, waterway engineering, navigation building engineering, hydraulic metal structure fabrication and installation engineering, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical installation engineering, river and lake regulation engineering, power transmission and transformation engineering and environmental protection engineering.

Special grade, grade I, grade II and grade III qualifications (10) construction engineering, metallurgical engineering, highway engineering, railway engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, port and waterway engineering, municipal public engineering, electric power engineering, mining engineering and petrochemical engineering 2.

Financial and tax treatment and process in the construction stage 8.


I have corrected the mistakes in time.

In order to do well in the integration of industry and finance, it is decided to spend a little time to comb the construction industry’s whole process of Finance and business.

The construction industry is a labor-intensive industry 2.

Legal knowledge involved in the construction industry is closely related to the environment: accounting, economy, contract and environmental protection II Introduction to the qualification of construction enterprises the qualification of the construction industry consists of 12 kinds of general contracting qualification for construction projects, 36 kinds of professional contracting qualification for construction projects and 1 Labor qualification.

characteristics of the construction industry 1.

(2) Material procurement link 1.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

The procurement of office supplies and large machinery and equipment and the unclear division of later management responsibilities.

The pre tax project cost is calculated at the price excluding the deductible input tax of value-added tax.

Please consult with your experts and teachers, and correct the public numbers.

Considering the actual ticket collection and input tax deduction, the tax burden is estimated.

Characteristics of the construction industry 2.



On the one hand, the tax burden is considered from the bill taking (tax), and on the other hand, the present value and final value are calculated from the consideration of cash flow, collection cycle and billing cycle, so as to maximize the possibility of winning the bid.

Qualification of construction enterprises 3.


risk points sorting and solutions in the construction industry (I) risk points sorting in the bidding process of the project 1.

Mechanical and electrical engineering with grade I, grade II and grade III qualifications (2) Classification of 36 professional contracting qualifications for Communication Engineering (II): 1.

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The general contracting qualification and most engineering professional contracting qualifications are divided into grades.

The construction industry consumes a large amount of material resources 3.

The construction industry is greatly affected by national economic policies 4.


Liability for breach of contract in the project contract 7.

Qualification regardless of grade: 3 items of ready mixed concrete, formwork scaffold and special works.


(3) Labor subcontracting qualification is not graded.

Construction enterprises generally manage all material procurement matters uniformly, establish a supplier library, and master the basic information of the supplier library, such as whether the unit is a general taxpayer, value-added tax type and tax rate, etc.

Analysis of tax related problems of construction enterprises 9 Common problems and solutions of construction enterprises X.

Subjects and methods in the project contract 5.

Sorting out and solutions of financial and tax risk points in the construction industry 4.

Project cost = pre tax project cost * (1 + 9%) 2.

When bidding quotation, first estimate the deductible cost excluding tax, then form the pre tax cost, and finally calculate the bidding quotation amount.


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