Small buildings · great highlights — Su model of public buildings such as club sales center

The new Chinese style clubhouse combines Chinese traditional architectural components with new and modern simple elements to create a small architectural community with traditional charm.

The exotic style of Japanese style clubhouse.

The key point of small building design such as club and sales center is not to create landmark buildings, but to highlight architectural characteristics and create public buildings with regional customs   Attached at the end of the article    Club sales center and other public buildings    SU model material for scheme design    Total 957mb, 178 files   Hui Style clubhouse white walls, black tiles, solid walls, empty holes, small and flowing water are scattered.

Lifting Insert

The Japanese simple style is added to the original harmony style Modern virtual and real modeling increases space interest, clubs, sales centers and other public buildings   SU model material   Total 957mb, 178 files   For more surprises, please stamp ▼▼▼ click below“.

The classical European style clubhouse, the classical European style clubhouse and other public buildings are easy to create a retro and elegant atmosphere.


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