Singer Dai Yuqiang: when he was down, he worked at a construction site, and his wife changed his life

Dai Yuqiang was born in Dongdai village, sun’s Town, Wen’an County, Hebei Province in 1963.

Dai Yuqiang’s father was an old Party member and an old eighth road.

Dai Yuqiang is idle in the dormitory all day and suffers great suffering in his heart.

In order to earn tuition and living expenses, Dai Yuqiang used his spare time to return to the construction site as a small worker.

When Tianjin was liberated, the organization arranged for him to be the head of Hexi District.

After getting his first month’s salary, Dai Yuqiang bought a black brick recorder and learned songs while working on the construction site.

The media called him the “fourth tenor” in the world.

In this way, Dai Yuqiang was admitted to the civil engineering major of Beijing coal mine school.

Her singing “plum blossom introduction” and “Phoenix Tail Bamboo under the Moonlight” are deeply loved by fans.

His image and voice are first-class, and he was successfully admitted.

So Dai Yuqiang enlisted and became a professional opera actor in the general political opera house.

The other party played up his downfall at home.

Wherever there was a concert, he tried to sneak in.

My father felt that singing was not a serious career and asked him to study engineering so that he could assign jobs after graduation.

Combination Wing Nut

Liu Yan was arranged to sing “sister” in brother and sister reclaiming wasteland and “Xi’er” in white haired woman.

It seemed that there were two or three children to feed at home, and she didn’t eat the next meal.

Dai Yuqiang has a brother and two sisters.

In order to survive, Dai Yuqiang worked on the construction site in summer and autumn.

At that time, he often participated in the national singing competition.

Dai Yuqiang couldn’t afford a mattress, so he picked up an inflatable cushion from the coast of Shicha.

She felt that the man had a scratchy beard and a frown.

When he woke up cold or hungry in the middle of the night, he followed the tape recorder in the moonlight and learned to sing aria in foreign operas.

Perhaps born to sing, Dai Yuqiang’s blood is always full of singing passion.

Dai Yuqiang knocked on the door again and was politely refused.

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As a result, his cheeks were sour.

He eats only one meal a day, only half a big cake.

He wanted to learn singing from his teacher, so he wrote to a famous singer.

He held an iron rice bowl and was later promoted to team leader.

Due to his rural background and rough life, Dai Yuqiang is introverted, self abased and lack of self-confidence.

Once, Dai Yuqiang met a fellow countryman on the construction site.

Dai Yuqiang’s wife Liu Yan finally ended the turbulent life of drifting north.

How far can he go in the singing world? Since then, Dai Yuqiang’s future has become the knot in his father’s heart.

In 1984, Dai Yuqiang learned that Shanxi song and dance theater was recruiting students and was going to send them to Beijing to study, so he took a car to Taiyuan overnight.

The school is located in the remote Shijingshan District.

Dai Fu felt that he had a low level of education and was incompetent, so he went back to his hometown and became a farmer.

However, under the impact of popular songs, the group has no opera to perform all year round.

In winter, there was no heating in the bungalow.

There are so many talented performers in Beijing that grass-roots singers like Dai Yuqiang have no chance to appear on the stage at all.

Dai Yuqiang does everything from ceiling, floor tile, glass cutting, budget and statistics.

He had no relationship and contacts.

She often enlightens her husband: “you are talented, have solid basic skills, and fully have the strength of a first-class singer.

Two years later, Dai Yuqiang returned to Shanxi song and dance theater after graduation and became a professional opera actor.

Subsequently, Dai Yuqiang was transferred to Shanxi song and dance theater, and his unit sent him to Beijing Central Academy of drama for further study.

Sing and sing, and it’s dawn.

There are some sundries stacked inside, and then there is no extra space for a single bed.

He is a well-known country singer.

At 1.82 meters tall, he is often dizzy with hunger.

I’d rather die tired on the stage than live a plain life.

Dai Yuqiang inherited his father’s loud voice and artistic gene.

After becoming a mother, Liu Yan faded out of the singing world and returned to her family to fully support Dai Yuqiang’s career.

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He was the first from the preliminary to the semi-finals.

When Dai Yuqiang came home from a performance in other places, Liu Yan stood in front of the window and welcomed her husband back with approbation..

He puffed his mouth all afternoon before blowing the air cushion as a mattress.

During the six-month performance, the two enjoyed each other, shared the same interests and struck a spark of love.

She is slim and beautiful.

Dai Yuqiang has been distressed by this.

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After completing the transfer procedures, Dai Yuqiang informed his family of the matter.

The son finally jumped out of the farm door.

Before he became famous, he worked in a construction site and ate only half a pancake a day.

After marriage, Liu Yan also joined the General Political Bureau opera company.

Dai Yuqiang is a well-known tenor singer, known as the prince of opera.

After graduation, Dai Yuqiang was assigned to the construction site of Gujiao Mining Area of the seventh Engineering Department of Taiyuan coal ministry, Shanxi Province.

He insisted on becoming his only choice.

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He also worked as a security guard at the construction site, looked after the stones and stayed up all night.

He sang while working and was often scolded by the foreman.

It’s a great honor for you to read my article.

Dai Yuqiang often borrows a bicycle from his classmates and rides for more than two hours to attend the Conservatory of music.

In August 1996, her daughter Dai Ziyi was born.

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But he believes that the stars will live up to the passers-by, and his fate will be blessed by the stars! In 1989, Dai Yuqiang applied for the General Political Bureau Opera Troupe and conquered the examiner with a song “brilliant stars”.

His wife Liu Yan is a soprano singer, like a warm spring water, washing away Dai Yuqiang’s inferiority and self-confidence.

At that time, he could sing “15 songs loved by the national audience” once or twice from the radio.

In 1993, Dai Yuqiang and Liu Yan formed a family in Beijing.

Liu Yan is also a powerful soprano.

The family wept with joy and no longer worried about Dai Yuqiang’s future.

My father has a loud voice and can sing Hebei Bangzi, Peking Opera and folk songs.

However, Liu Yan admired Dai Yuqiang’s singing talent.

In this case, he once again made the decision to break his wrists, resigned and went to Beijing to seek his dream.

Parents, brothers and sisters feel that the efficiency of the coal system is very good, and they are very sorry.

He is the youngest at home.

When Dai Yuqiang graduated from high school in 1980, he wanted to enter the Conservatory of music.

In 1990, the unit seconded a soprano named Liu Yan from the Beijing Song and dance troupe to perform temporarily in the troupe.

He failed to sing in each final.

As a result, he either lost his tune or forgot his words.

He was born in a peasant family.

That was the most depressed time of Dai Yuqiang’s life.

The whole village knew that Dai Yuqiang had lost his iron job and was in a miserable situation.

The key is lack of self-confidence.” Dai Yuqiang and her daughter watch Dai Yuqiang go out every time her husband goes out to perform.

Dai Yuqiang reported good news to his parents, brother and sister for the first time.

One day, I’ll be the brightest star in the sky.” my father thought his son was a big talker and a farmer’s son.

Dai Yuqiang comforted them, “don’t be sad.

Dai Yuqiang’s parents often shed tears at home.

His parents were farmers.

Because he had no source of income, he borrowed to live in a low and dilapidated bungalow in his classmate’s house.

When winter came and there was no work on the construction site, Dai Yuqiang borrowed 500 yuan from his classmates and set up a temporary shed next to a roast duck shop in Shahe Town, Changping District to sell aluminum alloy, glass and make art characters.

They don’t know where the tide of fate will push their son.

Liu Yan is from Changsha, Hunan, 8 years younger than Dai Yuqiang.

She has been on the CCTV stage for many times and has also launched her personal music album “plum blossom introduction”.

At that time, Dai Yuqiang was particularly confused and couldn’t see the light in front of him.

As soon as he entered the final, he was nervous and insomnia.

At that time, Dai Yuqiang’s first impression of Liu Yan was not good.

He slept in his clothes and woke up in the middle of the night.

Two months later, the other party didn’t reply.

The parents of the Dai family were full of longing, and their brothers and sisters were also proud of Dai Yuqiang.


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