Notice on filling in the form of rural housing construction survey

It can be filled in directly or selected and positioned in the base map through the mobile terminal of the software system and checked for confirmation.

3)   Building area refers to the total horizontal area of each floor of a building.

1)   The number of main floors of the building shall be filled in, and the mezzanine and local protrusion (such as staircase, local protrusion small room, etc.) shall not be included.

Block masonry structure is commonly used in areas where there is a lack of clay brick or the use of clay brick is limited.

4)   The completion time is accurate to years.

They are widely used all over the country.

2)   Building height refers to the height from the outdoor surface to the top of the main roof slab (flat roof) or cornice (without attic sloping roof).

Brick concrete structure houses have the advantages of local materials, convenient construction, high bearing capacity and good durability.

It is divided into independent residence, collective residence and residential auxiliary house.

The wooden roof can be wooden roof truss or hard mountain purlin, and flat roof practice is also available in some areas..

Part I: basic information 1.1   site          Province (city, district)              City (prefecture, League)            County (city, District, banner)          Township (town, street)                Village (community)                 Group 1.2: householder name 1.3 ID number 1.4 resident population second part second: building information 2.1 construction survey 2.1.1 building layer                Floor 2.1.2 building height m 2.1.3 building area m2 2.1.4 completion time year 2.2 structure type □ masonry structure (□ precast slab □ cast-in-situ slab □ wooden building (roof)   □ light steel building (roof)      □ bottom frame seismic wall masonry structure     □ wood (bamboo) structure       □ civil / stone wood structure       □ hybrid structure       □ cave   □ reinforced concrete structure               □ steel structure                □ others           2.3 whether the design method adopts professional design or standard atlas □ yes      □ no 2.4 whether the construction method is constructed by professional construction craftsmen or qualified construction team □ yes      □ no 2.5 safety appraisal 2.5.1 whether it has passed the safety appraisal □ yes      □ no 2.5.2 appraisal time year 2.5.1 when “yes” is selected, 2.5.2 and 2.5.3 shall be filled in; 2.5.3 appraisal conclusion check ① in ① or ②   □ class A   □ class B   □ class C   □ level D ②   □ safety     □ unsafe 2.6 construction method □ self construction     □ collective joint construction     □ government unified construction Part III: seismic fortification information (Note: some information is automatically generated in the background according to relevant project parameters) 3.1 seismic reinforcement 3.1.1 whether seismic reinforcement has been carried out □ yes   □ no 3.1.2 anti seismic reinforcement time year 3.2 anti seismic structural measures (optional) □ foundation ring beam         □ structural column         □ ring beam         □ cast in situ reinforced concrete building and roof   □ the distance between the transverse walls of wooden buildings and roof houses shall not be greater than three bays □ the width of the wall between doors and windows shall not be less than 900mm □ the wooden roof is equipped with cross bridging   □ there are tie measures between the wooden roof and the wall   Part IV: service condition 4.1 whether there are obvious wall cracks, roof collapse, wall column inclination, foundation settlement, etc.

All farmers with housing in the village shall go through the housing investigation and registration procedures at the village committee with their ID card and property certificate from 8 a.m.

Fixing Socket Waved End

1)   Masonry structures (precast slab, cast-in-situ slab, wooden building (roof) and light steel building (roof) mainly include brick concrete structure, block masonry structure and brick wood structure, accounting for the largest proportion of rural houses in China.

The village committee shall not bear any responsibility for the losses caused by overdue failure.

Part I: basic information 1.1 householder name 1.2 identity ID number 1.3   Way □ kitchen    □ toilet   □ garage    □ warehouse    □ breeding enclosure     □ other information collector date: description of rural housing construction survey indicators: 1   Basic information includes address, head of household information, etc.

When there is more than one residential building in an independent courtyard, there may be two or more houses under the same owner’s name.

The height is in meters, accurate to meters.

(3)   The ID number is the ID number of the household owner.

to 3 p.m.

For houses with attic sloping roof, it shall be calculated to 1 / 2 of the height of the gable wall.

from October 7 to 11, 2021.

It can be obtained by on-site inquiry and inquiry of relevant information system or automatically generated by the mobile terminal of the investigation software system; The building area is in square meters.

Notice on investigation of rural housing construction   Dear villagers: according to the requirements of the documents of the Ministry of housing and rural construction, the residential houses, non residential houses and residential auxiliary houses in the village are investigated and counted.

It should be noted that for the light steel slope roof or ceiling built on the flat roof, the building height is still calculated to the flat roof roof panel.

(4)   The number of permanent residents is in housing units, and repeated filling is avoided.

(1)   The address shall be as detailed as possible for positioning.

There are great regional differences in rural houses, and local materials and construction methods are diversified.

Brick concrete structure: a hybrid structure with brick wall as the main vertical bearing component and reinforced concrete cast-in-situ slab or precast slab as the floor and roof is called brick concrete structure.

The floor (roof) can be reinforced concrete precast slab, cast-in-situ slab or wooden floor (roof).

(2)   Name of the head of household when obtaining the collective construction land permit, the name of the head of household shall be consistent with that on the permit.

Block masonry structure: it is a building structure with load-bearing walls built with small concrete hollow blocks, solid blocks or self-made cement blocks.

(2)   Structural types include masonry structure (precast slab, cast-in-situ slab, wooden building (roof), light steel building (roof), bottom frame seismic wall masonry structure, wood (bamboo) structure, civil / stone wood structure, hybrid structure (brick / block / soil / Stone / wood and other mixed load-bearing), cave, steel reinforced concrete structure, steel structure and others.

In brick concrete structures with two floors and above, there are also mixed use of cast-in-situ slab, precast slab and wooden floor (roof), which can be checked and filled in according to the actual situation.

Harvest Village Committee October 5, 2021   Please prepare the information according to the following table:              Survey information collection form house type ■ independent house    □ collective residence    □ residential auxiliary room    Independent house: refers to single family house or single courtyard, including row house; When there is a clear boundary between households in row houses, it shall be supplemented in the base map.

When the structural types listed above cannot be covered, it can be supplemented in combination with local conditions, check “other” and give a brief description.

Brick wood structure: it usually refers to the building structure with earlier brick walls and wooden buildings (houses).

(1)   A panoramic picture of the outdoor front of the house shall be attached during the site investigation of the construction overview.

The survey contents of rural residential buildings include basic information, building information, seismic fortification information and use.

□ yes     □ no reconstruction 4.2.1 reconstruction and expansion □ yes     □ no 4.2.2 reconstruction and expansion period 4.2.3 whether there are business activities □ yes       □ no information collector unit date rural residential building survey information collection form (residential auxiliary house) house type □ independent house    □ collective residence    ■ residential auxiliary room    Auxiliary house: refers to other functional buildings attached to rural houses that are not inhabited by personnel.

two   Building information includes construction overview, structure type, design mode, construction mode, safety appraisal and construction mode, etc.

There are many traditional brick wood structure slope roofs.


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