Singapore skyline release! Lego’s first building package in 2022 is coming

Package No.: 21057 package name: Singapore skyline part quantity: 827 price: 599 yuan release date: January 1, 2022·····   End  ·····  To support our work, click the link below    Buy Coldplay magazine and get exquisite gifts at the same time   More wonderful reading, recommend COOL play tide, share interesting building blocks and cool toys, and now pay attention to you is old fan! Reply “MOC” in the background.

We also noticed a new 1×4 arc element, which is used here in beige.

There are also reprinted new parts, except 2 × 3 small window element.

U Bar Anchor

The new LEGO Architecture series package has finally been released, which is a reproduction of Singapore’s urban skyline, including landmark buildings such as Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

In front of it is the gardens by the Bay, which is a large park, which is particularly eye-catching because of the giant trees.

At present, the package number has not been given.

The recommended retail price is 599 yuan.

On the left is the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with three towers and a huge roof terrace with a swimming pool.

Here, magenta car rims are cleverly used.

Like the previous LEGO skyline, this miniature package features a series of the most representative buildings and scenic spots.

LEGO officials presented four life pictures of the new skyline suit on social media, showing the model theme and detailing which buildings are included.

This unique building has appeared in 21021 Marina Bay Sands Hotel in 2013, which seems to be restored with brighter colors.

The new set will go on sale on January 1, 2022.

On the right is the Dahua bank building and its surrounding buildings.

LEGO Group has opened the prelude to the future Lego building package, and more than one package of this theme may be released in 2022.

On the water surface at the bottom of the model, there are various green plants, rows of houses and other landmarks of Singapore dotted on the black display rack, on which you can also see the light panel printed with the name of the suit.

21057 Singapore skyline contains 827 particles.

In Singapore, the largest landmark building is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

In terms of price, the suit is the same as LEGO 21052 Dubai skyline and 21051 Tokyo skyline.

The white skyscraper is Raffles square, and the beige building next to it is the center of overseas Chinese bank.


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