Shunde building robot “trial work”

Over the past two years, the R & D of various construction robots of bozhilin robot has been carried out in an orderly manner.

In the future, Shunde will build robots or change the ecology of related industries.

In addition, Shunde has formed a perfect whole industry chain from robot production, application to service.

In addition, we should improve the construction robot industry standard system and improve the supervision mechanism.

“Under the epidemic, the manufacturing industry has been affected to some extent.

It is noteworthy that at present, Shunde has more than 10 intelligent manufacturing backbone enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, including 3 robot backbone enterprises in Guangdong Province, including lixunda, Jiateng and Longshen.

It can drive automatically according to the planned path without manual participation, and control the loading movement through the independently developed spraying process to realize the spraying operation.

The construction safety risk is high, the production efficiency is low, the construction cost is high, and the content of science and technology is low.

Just a few days ago, bozhilin indoor spraying robot first appeared in Yangjiang project and entered the “trial work” of the site model room.

The reporter recently learned from Midea KUKA that in the past two years, KUKA has actively planned to expand production capacity, including the expansion of the Shanghai plant.

It is used for the full-automatic spraying of primer and finish paint on the walls, bay windows, ceilings and gypsum lines of residential rooms.

Plate Rebar Anchor

However, in the medium and long term, the trend of industrial robot and automation industry will be better, which will also promote the development of automation industry.” Midea KUKA said that in Shunde production base, KUKA will adhere to independent production and produce with strict quality control standards, with high precision, high protection High quality robot with high stability.

Anhui Jianlian has a strong material reserve and transfer site, a developed logistics distribution system and a strong after-sales service system.

The purpose of developing this robot is to solve the pain points of traditional manual spraying.

In 2018, Midea KUKA intelligent manufacturing technology park officially landed in Shunde.

It is characterized by high quality, high efficiency and high coverage.

The company has a material reserve and transfer center of thousands of tons, which can fully meet the needs of large-scale construction projects and realize one-time rationing.

In 2018, bozhilin robot was officially established, becoming an important carrier for country garden to extend the robot industry, mainly developing, producing and applying construction robots.

Shunde makes robots or changes the industrial ecology.

The reporter learned that most of the robots sold by KUKA can be “made in Shunde”.

The attraction of the industry to the younger generation is becoming weaker and weaker, and the phenomena of” recruitment difficulty “and” labor shortage “are increasing.” Yang Guoqiang said that the research, development and application of construction robots are of practical significance, “I hope to fundamentally solve the safety and quality problems of the house.” (Huang zining) Anhui Jianlian mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Last year alone, the output of Midea KUKA robots exceeded 5000.

What is the effect of Robot Spraying? According to the experiment, through robot spraying, the whole layer actually consumes 4 and a half barrels of primer and 9 and a half barrels of finish paint, which saves more materials than labor, and the spraying effect is more uniform and the color difference is smaller.

After one year of preparation and construction, it entered the trial production stage last year.

Midea, KUKA strong marriage, had been the industry’s attention.

Bozhilin robot Valley and Midea KUKA intelligent manufacturing technology park also play a leading role in improving and optimizing the local robot industry and accelerating the formation of a 100 billion robot industry ecological platform.

“The traditional extensive and handicraft production mode of the construction industry has not fundamentally changed.

According to Bo Zhilin, the indoor spraying robot is an automatic spraying robot (emulsion paint) based on the common house type design of country garden group.

The material reserve center is close to the entrance of the expressway and is close to “Anhui Xingchen International Freight Co., Ltd.” Reach a capacity guarantee agreement to deliver materials to most parts of East China within 24 hours…

It is reported that KUKA, as one of the world’s leading robot based intelligent automation solution providers, has become a world-class robot enterprise with advanced robot production management experience and strict quality control standards.

According to country garden, among the robots under research of bozhilin robot, more than 30 have been put on the construction site for testing.

Based on the current “new infrastructure fever”, Shunde not only vigorously develops the industrial Internet, but also has a good foundation and prospect for the development of robot and artificial intelligence industry.

According to the information disclosed by KUKA to the outside world, this year, KUKA Shanghai factory will realize an annual production capacity of 25000 robots.

It is reported that the traditional manual spraying work has low efficiency and high cost, and there is rework due to poor construction quality.

Now, in Shunde, the prototype of robot industry is emerging.

With two major projects, bozhilin robot Valley and Midea KUKA Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Park, Shunde will build a highland of China’s robot industry.

The company takes Tianjin Jiulong, a leading enterprise in China’s buckle production, as its strong partner, and is determined to provide scientific, safe and efficient scaffold support schemes for construction enterprises in East China, so as to realize the Chinese dream of China’s construction industry Make contributions.

At present, bozhilin has officially entered the construction site for “trial work”, and the annual output of Midea KUKA intelligent manufacturing technology park this year is determined to reach more than 40000 units.

is a new type of template scaffold leasing company in East China.

In addition, the robot production base located in Shunde and put into production last year will also achieve an annual production capacity of 40000 units.

Indoor spraying robot has been on duty.

As two leading projects in Shunde to develop robot industry, bozhilin robot Valley and Midea KUKA intelligent manufacturing technology park have made new progress.

This year, more than 40000 robots will be produced in Shunde.

Previously, Yang Guoqiang, chairman of the board of directors of country garden group, proposed to study and formulate a policy support system covering the whole process of R & D, manufacturing and application of construction robots.

In addition, the construction site environment is poor, which is easy to cause workers’ occupational diseases.

In addition to country garden’s involvement in the robot industry, Midea, another “world top 500” enterprise, has already laid out intelligent manufacturing and robots.

Compared with manual operation, indoor spraying robot can work continuously for a long time to minimize the damage of paint dust to human body.


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