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     Among the above three modernists, she did not invent new structures or technologies, but created a new world with new interpretation methods.

By reproducing new things in new ways, we can build a new world and live in it, even if only through vision.


This “excess” leads to the unrealistic exaggeration of new things, the future and Utopia.

By dismantling themes and objects, we find out the root of modernism, shape a new landscape, and let the viewer roam…

Modernists can make the most effective use of any resource, whether idle or other values.


Zaha Hadid’s three modes of Modernism: 1.

Solid Lifting Socket Cross Pin

New viewpoint of faith     In fact, we have entered a new world, but we don’t see this.

We still use the old viewpoint taught.

Zaha Hadid’s architectural design works boldly explore its architectural design style, in order to provide reference for those who need it.

These new forms become the prototype of the new reality, in which everything recombines and dissolves and returns to the origin.

This permanent concrete formwork also provides architectural finishes that require minimal maintenance.

Behind the exoskeleton, the crystal like multi-faceted facade forms a sharp contrast with the firmness of the structure, and the overall design reflects the fluidity of the structure and architecture.

It also led to the disappearance of form and the extreme simplification of form.

Modernism benefits from new technology.

The thickness of the structure is changed according to the needs, so that there is continuity between the building and the project.

Believe in a new structural way.

        OneThousandMuseum   The glass fiber reinforced concrete formwork is adopted in the (Beijing) project, and the formwork remains as it is when the building extends upward.

Only when we really open our eyes, ears or hearts to perceive our own existence, can we get real freedom.

”      OneThousandMuseum   (Beijing)   As the only female architect who won the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize in architecture, Zaha Hadid is famous for her bold and avant-garde ideas and exaggerated and grotesque architectural design styles.

Reinterpret the reality of modernism     Transform the new cognition into the reorganization of the existing form.


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