[Shuiyun information] looking forward to 2022: the building coating market will continue to flourish

” Sara McLean, Dunn Edwards editor and color marketing manager, observed that the epidemic had some interesting effects on the interior paint market.

Julie Elrod, global paint business manager of acehardware Corporation, observed that, like many other home decoration retailers, with the surge in home decoration demand caused by the covid-19 pandemic, acehardware’s paint sales increased significantly in 2020.

DIY has slowed compared with 2022 as homeowners are getting rid of the constraints of their homes, choosing to spend more time on vacation and giving priority to leisure activities.” Covid-19 and DIY projects} as Elrod observed, people began to carry out home decoration projects in 2021, and leaders in the coating industry also saw these changes.

“For most of 2020, the covid-19 pandemic sent millions of people home to work and school, so it was an incredible year for home improvement projects,” Elrod observed.

Elrod added that in 2021, the market still did not provide any support for the coating project because DIY and professional customers came to their local ace to seek award-winning services and top paint brands, such as Benjamin Moore, Clark + Kensington and magnoliahome.

Not surprisingly, architectural coatings are a huge market.

Now customers are returning to places such as hotels and restaurants, and these institutions are recruiting professionals to do business.


“Since the beginning of the megalomania epidemic, our home has been performing dual and triple responsibilities because they are still gyms, children’s play areas, classrooms, offices and general living spaces,” guenthenspberger said As homeowners continue to spend more time at home, they can understandably take a closer look at their houses and check their functions.

“As a result, home improvement projects experienced a nationwide surge in 2020, including the purchase of indoor and outdoor coatings,” guenthenspberger added.

consumers also begin to welcome professional painters back to their homes, which leads to the recovery of professional paint business after the weakness of 2020.” “Overall, the market rebounded in 2021,” said Terri guenthenspberger, senior marketing manager of PPG.

McLean points out that because people have been surrounded by the same wall color, they soon get tired of monotony and look for new ways to express themselves through color and design..

Many of us have done DIY projects at home, whether it’s decorating, painting rooms or even outdoor spraying.

“In fact, paint manufacturers have experienced a significant increase in online paint sales at the beginning of the continuous pandemic over the past year, which proves that no projects are too large or too small.

“The pandemic has sparked an interest in renovating houses inside and outside.

During covid-19, the market results were mixed: Although architectural coatings shrank due to the blockade, many people accepted DIY projects.

Most DIY markets are concentrated in hypermarkets such as home depot, Lowe’s and acehardware.

Analysts generally believe that the market has an annual market size of $60 billion and is expected to continue to grow.

Current homeowners will want to paint their homes to make them more attractive to potential buyers, while new homeowners will usually paint again to build their new homes.

architectural coatings are most likely to be the part that people consider when considering coatings.

Lifting Anchor

“As homeowners continue to work from home this year, the pace of renovation and redecoration projects has accelerated,” mclea said.

“The increase in home purchases has created a strong demand for paint and increased the number of jobs for professional residential workers.

“In 2021, as people continue to spend a lot of time at home, home decoration projects are transferred from home offices to bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, etc.

” Guenthenspberger pointed out that on the positive side, PPG also witnessed the reversal of urbanization nationwide stimulated by the pandemic, as countless millennials and younger generations entered the hot home purchase market earlier than expected.

“Millennials account for nearly a third of home purchases in 2020, and they want more legroom,” guenthenspberger continued.

In the third quarter of 2021, we continue to experience an improvement in Global trade demand, and the sales of architectural DIY paint returned to the level close to 2019 after a significant increase due to home influence last year.

Lloyd’s brands include Xuanwei and wisper subsidiaries; Home Depot’s products include Baise bear, PPG and Glidden, a subsidiary of PPG.

Prospect 2022: the market of architectural coatings will continue to flourish.

In addition to the increased demand for professional residential workers, we also see forced temporary changes in 2020 Opportunities for businesses that stop or reduce operations are also increasing.

Acehardware offers Benjamin Moore, Clark & Kensington and Magnolia.

We believe that , with the normalization of the supply chain, the field of DIY coatings has greater rising potential.

“With the introduction of vaccines and the reopening of the economy, allowing customers to return to restaurants, hotels, shops and offices, there has been an increase in professional projects in the PPG business sector.

Many other brands have their own retail stores.


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