Shenyang Architectural memory – Fengtian Shenyang Pavilion

The main entrance has a porch with a guest terrace on the second floor.

It is located at No.

At that time, the Daiwa hotel had not been completed.

If in doubt, it will be deleted after contacting; 3.

It takes time and effort to compile the manuscript, which is not for fame and profit, and is selfless and innocent after dissemination.

It is located in the back of the Daiwa hotel in the big square.

Shengjing Ferry (formerly “Shenyang time Inn”) is committed to collecting the public memory of Shenyang people, aiming at public sharing and making the city’s accumulated culture shine.

Founded in 1905, it has 32 guest rooms and a reception capacity of about 100 people.

We respect the work of the originators and sincerely thank the originators of Shi Zi for drawing on some graphic information such as the Internet, books and newspapers, circles of friends and so on.

However, the original building no longer exists.

However, due to the limited level, it is inevitable to miss everything, or to be open and Li Dai, and we hope that wechat friends will be tolerant; 4.



Fengtian Shenyang Pavilion is one of the first high-end hotels invested and established by the Japanese in the affiliated area of Manchurian Railway.

The commander of the Kwantung Army, Benzhuang fan, and others live here.

We are obliged to spread the long history and culture of Liaoshen region, with responsibility and awe.

The interior of the building is luxurious and equipped with rare heating facilities in Shenyang at that time.

In 1931, after the Japanese Kwantung Army headquarters moved from Dalian to Shenyang, Shenyang Pavilion began to become the activity center of senior officers of the Kwantung Army.

12 qinping town (now No.

There is a parking lot outside the hotel, equipped with carriages and cars to and from the railway station to pick up passengers.

The owner of the museum, hishijiro Tanaka, is a Japanese hotel.

The hotel has a large bathing beach.

5 Tongze North Street, Heping District), that is, the intersection of langsutong (Zhongshan Road) and qinping town (Tongze Street).

Therefore, Shenyang Pavilion is an important criminal evidence of the Kwantung Army’s invasion of China and an important relic that can not be forgotten.

Shenyang Pavilion is a two-story European style building with an octagonal tower directly opposite the street corner and a dome on it.

However, in some cases, due to the long history and complex situation, the original author cannot be identified and contacted.

Shenyang Pavilion is a high-grade hotel for senior Japanese officials and rich businessmen.

This number abandons personal “private plots” and only constructs an open communication window.

We intend not to add originality for convenience only.

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