Architecture can be read: have you ever been to this brown “mountain” by the Suzhou River?

In September 1989, the Shanghai building was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanghai.

20, North Suzhou road.

After the founding of new China, the building undertook many foreign affairs reception tasks, adding a lot of humanistic color to the building.

The architectural shape is unique and unique, with ladder like ups and downs, making the middle part more prominent visually.

It is an excellent historical building in Shanghai.

From a distance, the whole building has clear layers and unique ingenuity.

The grand piano was customized by a well-known foreign piano factory entrusted by the building in 1932 and shipped to Shanghai, No.

Address: Hongkou District Huangpu Road No.

The building is arranged in a continuous “≓” shape on the plane according to the irregular terrain, which effectively solves the ventilation and lighting problems that are difficult to deal with in the design because the building is located in a narrow area wide in the East and narrow in the West.

It is an apartment style, and all the steel frame works were built abroad.

Open information public area, free, limited to 20.

The building is retracted layer by layer from the 11th floor.

(open all day) → riverside building (now a folk house, the architectural appearance can be visited) → Henan Road and Bridge (open all day) data: released in Shanghai editor: Yang Liying recommended reading and met the purple flower sea   ▏ micro tour Shanghai   ▏ five trends exhibition..

In 1985, the building was renovated on a large scale, the interior and exterior were renovated, and many modern facilities were added.

Influenced by the western modernist architectural trend, the architectural appearance and interior decoration are relatively simple, there is no complicated classical decoration, and only lace with artistic decorative style is decorated at the eaves.

Built in 1924, the building is a representative of European eclectic architectural form.

British modern architectural style, elegant interior decoration, modern business and entertainment facilities create a perfect combination of traditional and modern living environment.

Both sides are the main facade, with columns passing through the third floor.

Have you ever been to this unique building? Today, let’s take you to the story of this nearly 100 year old building ↓ more than 70 years ago, the building where cars can hover to the roof.

China Securities museum is the only national museum in China’s securities and futures industry.

In those years, cars could hover to the roof and park 100 cars, which was great more than 70 years ago.

15 opening hours: Tuesday to Friday (10:00–11:30, 11:00 after stopping to enter the hall; 14:00–15:30, 15:00 after the stop to enter the hall), Saturday (9:30–11:30, stop after entering the hall; 13:30–16:00, after the stop to enter the library, the national long vacation announcement) ticket price: free Wai Bai Du bridge was built in 1856, commonly known as “outer ferry bridge”.

Closing hours: free riverside building.


Spherical Head Anchor

111, North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District.

Address: No.

The U-shaped plane is round at the southeast corner, which is the composition center.

It is one of the main traffic bridges in the north and south.

A series of classic old and new photos are displayed on the walls around the lobby on the first floor of Shanghai building, including the architectural overview of Shanghai building, foreign affairs reception, town store three treasures, etc., so that you can explore the development history of Shanghai building.

It is located in a century old building.

It has been accompanied by the building for more than half a century since the building was built.

Admission: free general post office building.

In the 1980s, Shanghai tower was one of the top ten high-end hotels in Shanghai.

In the 1980s, the interior and exterior of the building were renovated.

The best photo spot of the same frame in the century (open all day) to Zhapu Luqiao (all day open) to Shanghai post museum to Sichuan Luqiao, Luqiao 370.

The building was built in 1935 in a modernist style.

It was once named Broadway building because it was at the top of Broadway Road (today’s Daming Road).

Shanghai building started construction in 1930 and was completed in 1934.

Address: No.

Shanghai building is located at No.

At present, there are more than 10000 collections in the museum, which well restores many historical scenes of China’s securities market.

The building is like a huge mountain of coffee standing at the junction of the Suzhou River and the Huangpu River, and the bridge outside the Huangpu River.

It adopts the form of modern skyscrapers and double-layer aluminum steel frame structure.

The building covers an area of 6600 square meters, a construction area of 24596 square meters, a height of 76.7 meters and 22 floors.

On November 20, 1996, the “Bund building complex” where the Shanghai building is located was announced as a national key cultural relics protection unit.

It is the first large bridge and all steel bridge in Shanghai.

4 wing houses have good orientation and sufficient light.

The business hall on the second floor of the building is spacious and bright.

Wai Bai Du bridge is the national key cultural relic protection unit.

China Securities museum to Shanghai Mansions (now Hotel, building appearance for visitors).

On the east side of the lobby stands a piano.

395, Tiantong Road, Hongkou District.

The exterior wall of the ground floor of the building is dark red high-grade granite, and the other floors are covered with brown Taishan brick.

Opening hours: all day.

It not only skillfully solves the orientation and lighting of the room, but also makes the whole building magnificent and tall.

It is a reinforced concrete frame structure with one floor underground and four floors above the ground.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, 9:00-16:00 (admission will be stopped at 16:00).

On May 1, 1951, Broadway building was renamed Shanghai building.

All day long: all day long all day long tickets are open: free Wai tour line recommended by Hongkou District (white cross bridge) (all day long).


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