[exploration] welcome to take the first “architecture readable” shuttle bus in Shencheng

The bus routes cover the two sides of Pujiang.

Lifting Socket

There are five sites: the May 30th sports monument station, the Wai Bai Du Bridge station, the Jinling East Road terminal station, the Yu Garden Town God’s Temple station and the Oriental Pearl Tower station.

The first bus is 9:30, and the last bus is 21:00, 45-55 minutes / shift.

The whole journey takes about 80 minutes, with a distance of 22 kilometers.

The building can read the special line, and the whole line will be shut down during traffic control time.

The adult fare is 50 yuan, and one child under 1.4 meters can be carried free of charge (not occupying the seat).

Covering 22 sides of Pujiang, the journey is about five kilometers, with the five sites, such as the outer white bridge station and the Yu Garden Town God’s Temple station.

The building readable manual is placed on the vehicle for passengers to read free of charge, so as to truly realize the multi-dimensional and three-dimensional special line mode with reading, mobile phone listening and site experience.

After 16:00, you can transfer to urban sightseeing line 1, line 2 and line 3 for free, truly realizing “one ticket, one ticket, multi-point travel”.

The public can take the blue double decker bus with the LOGO of the building, and punch the classic city coordinates.

Stepping into the carriage, I heard a voice broadcast, introducing the stop of the special line bus and other information; After taking a seat, a QR code is pasted in front of each seat.

Then, visitors can take the next shuttle bus at the station to the next station.

Daily attendance is on the National Day holiday.

Each site is equipped with a full-time guide to explain for about half an hour and reserve about 15 minutes for free activities.

Passengers can scan it with their mobile phone to see the list of all the classic historical buildings along the bus.

The first “construction readable” bus line in Shanghai is not long ago.

The bus focuses on creating a new experience mode of “sightseeing bus + micro tourism”.

Data: Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism and Municipal Committee of communications editor: Huang Jingyuan..

The manual explanation service time of the station is 9:30-16:00.

Click one of the buildings to see the text and voice navigation information.


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