[Share] 15 best architectural works in 2022

Reconstruction of Beijing Mimian Manor 14.

The architectural characteristics of the project building are defined by its “simple” appearance – the unprocessed exposed concrete acts as the structural support of the building at the same time; Independent “pixel” units are rotated and stacked within the range of 32 floors to provide the best view and create terrace space for the apartment.

IQON building 04.

The building is also characterized by local trees and plants, combining green plants with Ecuador’s temperate climate and ecology as much as possible.


We can’t miss the source: New Micro Design (ID: Land-2013) This article has been authorized to be the best architectural design of the year.

Although the park is composed of three individual buildings, each building is covered with a light canopy structure, so the park has a coherent and unified overall image.

Fully open courtyard house, Spanish ‘Red House’ 01.

Residential and restaurant “Maison Owl” Location: Japan/Design: Junya Ishiguri Architects designed and constructed a building that can internalize the natural distortion and uncertainty.

Above the three buildings, the large-span canopy and the uniformly distributed orthogonal column network below it make the whole working space on the second floor more open and allow it to connect with other spaces under the continuous eaves.

Among the top 100 projects visited by ArchDaily in this article, 15 of the best buildings of the year are selected again, and we will appreciate them with you~PS: ArchDaily is divided into four language websites, including English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

More specifically, first excavate trenches and caves on the ground to pour concrete, and then build the volume and fix the glass plate after hardening to create internal space.

Google Valley Bay View Park in California Location: USA/Design: BIG+Heatherwick Studio The location of Google Bay View Park is close to NASA Ames Research Center, and its site area is about 169968 square meters.

Rohingya Cultural Memory Center 09.

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It is mainly powered by solar panel arrays and equipped with the next generation of operating technology that meets the LEED platinum standard, aiming at achieving zero carbon emissions in the future.

Location of IQON building: Ecuador/Design: BIGIQON building is designed as a vertical community, extending to the building facade as an extension of the adjacent La Carolina Park.

Although the volume is different, the environment is different.

‘Sand dune’ in the desert, BEEAH headquarters building 02.

The building is embedded in the AlSajaa Desert in Sharjah and echoes the surrounding landscape.

The design draws inspiration from the geological structure, including two curved buildings, one large and one small, with gradually receding slope.


In 2022, ArchDaily released many new architectural projects, showing you architectural design cases from different countries, different nationalities and different geographical conditions.

Container residential 12.


The design of the working space gives priority to the internal natural lighting and landscape, and reduces the interference of glare on the working environment through the carefully constructed skylight between the “Dragon Scale” solar panels.

Rubber Recess Former

The building has an obvious arc corner, surrounded by terraces distributed along the periphery of the building, and you can enjoy the scenery of the park, the city and Picincha volcano.

Suspended residential 08.

Residential and restaurant “MaisonOwl” 06.8 Grotto 07.

BEEAH headquarters is like a series of interconnected “sand dunes”, echoing the environment with its orientation and shape, and aiming to optimize the local climate conditions.

The architect also integrated more lights into the ceramic panel on the top of the building to enhance this effect through lighting at night.

In addition, the geometric shape of each building also allows each space to have sufficient natural diffuse light and rich external landscape, and optimizes the project’s indoor lighting, view, collaborative productivity, space experience and activity experience as a whole.

‘Horsehead Wall’ array, Mexico land hotel 10.

MRNW Daegu Cultural Center 11.


Google Silicon Valley Bay Scenic Area 03.

Desert ‘Dune’, BEEAH headquarters building location: UAE/design: Zaha Hadid Office BEEAH Group is located in Sharjah, UAE.

The complex building presents a very low balcony near the river and its neighbors to emphasize the broad low-rise environment; At other locations, it gradually rises to three peaks, and then reaches the highest height of 12 floors in the center of the site.

Landscape residential complex Ascension location: France/design: MVRDV project is located in the residential area at the intersection of two rivers on the west side of Rennes, France.

This new headquarters is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA).

Landscape construction first, Barrero House 13.

The angle between the roof and the ground is 30 degrees, Noufal House 15.

Landscape residential complex Ascension 05.

It is like a piece of raw stone being shaped into a crisscross valley of concave sand dunes and a ridge of convex sand dunes in the prevailing wind in the desert, gradually revealing its true shape in the desert.

The facade of the complex adopts five kinds of matte and glossy ceramic panels with different gray tones, strengthening the inspiration link between the project and geology (structure); Five kinds of panels are arranged in layers – the end near the ground is made of dark and matte materials, while the top layer is more light and shiny.

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