[Shaanxi] recruitment | recruitment notice of Huaqing College of Xi’an University of architecture and technology

Huaqing College of Xi’an University of architecture and technology is a full-time undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of education and established by Xi’an University of architecture and technology in combination with social forces with a new mechanism and model in 2004.

Number of people 2.

Persons who have been subject to school discipline and school rules punishment before the expiration of the time limit.

Love the ideological and political education of college students, have a high sense of responsibility and dedication, work steadily, have a decent style and good moral quality, set an example, be a teacher and take into account the overall situation.

Double Ended Ferrule

Contact information: Human Resources Department of Huaqing college, Xi’an University of architecture and technology contact person: Mr.

Wang Tel.: 029-82628050 recruitment email: HQCHRM@qq.com Mailing address: No.

Comply with the regulations on the construction of counselors in Colleges and universities (Order No.

The employer will conduct a comprehensive review of the qualification review and assessment links.

The college has 6 secondary colleges and 38 undergraduate majors.

III No declaration shall be made under any of the following circumstances: 1.

Wang, Mr.

Qualification examination: conduct qualification examination on the application materials submitted by the employer according to the post recruitment conditions , all materials submitted by the applicant must be true and effective.


Full time master and doctoral students graduate and obtain a degree, and the first degree is a full-time undergraduate degree and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Lei ou..

Registration time: 18:002 p.m.


Those who pass the review and pass the physical examination will go through the employment procedures, sign the employment contract and implement the probation period, which is included in the employment contract During the probation period, those who pass the examination will be officially employed; those who fail to pass the examination will be cancelled.

The specific recruitment scheme is announced as follows: I.

Counselors are now recruited according to the development needs of the college.


registration 1.

Their duties as prescribed by laws and regulations IV.

For more information, please consult “zhiyoulian” teacher, Shaanxi – Mr.



Posts: Counselors 2.

Submit the list of materials (1) fill in the application form for Huaqing College of Xi’an University of architecture and technology and the personal basic information form (see Annex).

The age of master graduates shall not exceed 30 years old, and the age of doctoral graduates shall not exceed 35 years old, with good appearance and physical and mental health Kang.


If fraud is found, the applicant’s qualification will be cancelled.


Registration method the applicant shall send the electronic version of the above materials to the recruitment email within the registration time: HQCHRM@qq.com V.

The overseas master must have a school system of more than two years.

from September 24 to October 7, 2021.

(3) Provide the original and copy of my ID card, graduation certificate and degree certificate.

Persons who have been criminally punished for crimes, persons who have been expelled from public office, persons who have not been subject to Party and government discipline punishment or are undergoing disciplinary review, persons who are in the period of criminal punishment or are undergoing judicial investigation and have not reached a conclusion.

Those who have excellent academic performance in school and have significant expertise and outstanding achievements in Ideological and political education or other secondary disciplines subordinate to the first-class discipline of Marxism and related disciplines such as pedagogy, psychology, management and law are preferred.

Huaqing College of Xi’an University of architecture and technology is a teaching undergraduate college with the characteristics of architecture, civil engineering, management and art disciplines, with engineering disciplines as the main body and multi-disciplinary coordinated development.

(the degree certificate includes undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students) (4) Other important materials that the applicant considers relevant to the employment.

Be able to use Marxist positions, viewpoints and methods to analyze and solve problems, have strong organization and management ability, language and written expression ability, investigation and research ability, and master modern office technology.

CPC members have high political awareness, firm ideals and beliefs, strong organizational discipline, high theoretical level, and can be consistent with the CPC Central Committee and the college in thought and action.


109, Xingfu South Road, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province zip code: 710043 scan QR code and follow “zhiyoulian” for more college recruitment related services.

(2) submit a complete list of personal resume: including learning experience, work experience, student cadre experience, awards, etc.

Work experience as a counselor is preferred.

Work experience as a major student cadre in school.

recruitment posts and number of people 1.




43 of the Ministry of education of the people’s Republic of China).

Recruitment conditions 1.



qualification examination and assessment 1.


Assessment: professional ability, comprehensive quality and post matching.

Li    Mr.


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