[selected in one week] you are invited to participate in the 2021 national green building and Intelligent Construction Summit Forum and

Time and place: November 10-12, 2021, all day report on November 10, all day meeting on November 11, half day meeting in the morning and project observation in the afternoon of November 12.

In order to promote the construction industry to fully implement the national major decisions and arrangements of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, improve the green and low-carbon development level of the construction industry, promote green construction and intelligent construction, integrate the concept of green development into the whole elements and process of engineering construction, and promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the construction industry to industrialization, green and intelligent, China Survey and Design Association will hold the “2021 national green building and Intelligent Construction Summit Forum and on-site observation meeting” in Guangzhou from November 10 to 12, 2021.

Accommodation is arranged uniformly and the expenses are borne by themselves.

Green building And the interpretation of the latest policy of intelligent construction, low-carbon building design, and new construction mode under the new situation of carbon neutralization; 2.

From the transformation of the design industry, see the combination of architect responsibility system and EPC project general contracting, from the practice of foreign aid full consultation mode, see the future development of architect responsibility system..

It is proposed to invite leaders of engineering survey and design, contractors, operation, supervision, consulting and real estate development, chief engineer, chief architect, technical quality director, information director, BIM center director, project director, engineering technicians, engineering consulting management, engineering supervision, engineering cost and general construction contract management personnel; Experts, scholars, universities and scientific research institutes in the fields of intelligent construction, green construction, smart construction site, energy conservation and environmental protection, energy management, etc; Relevant solution suppliers, software manufacturers, product suppliers, service operators and other relevant units and personnel.

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media support: smart construction network conference content 1.

China Construction Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

The relevant notices are as follows: organizer: China Survey and Design Association organizer: Beijing Yuxin Bolian Technology Development Co., Ltd.

China Construction Third Bureau Group South China Co., Ltd.

Vigorously developing green buildings is an inevitable requirement to adapt to the comprehensive green transformation of economy and society and achieve the goal of “double carbon” in the new development stage.

The charging standard is 2000 yuan / person (including conference affairs, materials, lunch on the 11th and lunch on the 12th).

Exploration and practice of innovation mode and path of intelligent construction to promote enterprise digital transformation and upgrading; 3.

The plan outline and action plan point out the direction for the development of high-quality green buildings.

At that time, experts, scholars, technical managers and responsible comrades of relevant units in the fields related to green building and intelligent construction will be invited to participate.

Application and achievement practice of key technologies of green construction and intelligent construction; 6.

Discussion on the implementation path of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization in green buildings and building energy conservation; 4.

In the outline of the national 14th five year plan, it is clearly proposed to “accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon development” and “develop green buildings”.

Research and application of intelligent construction independent graphics platform and intelligent construction software tools, implementation of operation and maintenance management, digital collaboration in the whole process of project construction and other collaborative technologies and project practice; 5.

Application and practice of emerging digital technologies such as BIM, Internet of things, 5g, AI and intelligent equipment in green building and intelligent construction; 7.

On site observation of green and intelligent construction demonstration projects: the “three in one” survey – design – procurement – construction EPC project of Guangdong Art Museum, Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Center and Guangdong literature museum.

Co organizer: China Construction Engineering Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Conference quality supervision Tel.: 010-88023401 schedule draft registration method contact person: Mr.

Therefore, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other seven departments issued the action plan for the creation of green buildings in July 2020, and proposed that by 2022, the area of green buildings in new urban buildings will account for 70%.

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