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They are welcome to supervise ■ note: 1.


It is suitable for 23 candidates.

100 + students with high scores in architecture will escort you   ▼   We don’t play word games.

Morse code takes you into the storm planning postgraduate entrance examination ▽ 12 years, the only one, the old 8 schools, 14 districts, 28 provinces, 234 cities, 3800 students, 57 champion, 100 high scores, 1 framework, 10 classes, “1 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 10” teacher team, “1 + 1” teaching system, 9 books, 1000 + preferential big data era.

The annual class / 980 + class hours of the architectural postgraduate entrance examination from 20221 to march of the next year include the above There are courses and classes throughout the year.

The method of receiving true questions from architecture colleges and universities can scan the QR code below.

The above scores are those who have paid the complete tuition fees and participated in the classes in storm An efficient and professional hand-painted and postgraduate entrance examination training institution storm hand-painted base official website: www.fengbaojy.com wechat platform: fbsh2008 free hotline: 400-8855-280..

According to the statistics released by the hospital, a total of 199 graduate students (including unified recruitment only) were enrolled in the three majors of architectural planning and garden of Chongqing University in 2021 Storm students have received 95 admission seats, accounting for more than 47.7%, and their scores and names have been verified with the list of storm electronic registration system.

The focus of this promotion: winter vacation class – starting first, strengthening the foundation, helping you win the early approval of the storm at the starting line.

It can choose nearby and enjoy the most comprehensive, professional and high-quality architectural postgraduate entrance examination services.

The storm continues to compile the true questions, sort out the hot spots and collect excellent works of the postgraduate entrance examination every year, timely adjust the contents of the postgraduate entrance examination according to the postgraduate entrance examination requirements and relevant policies, cover the professional teachers of more than 10 colleges and universities in the southeast and northwest, and strive to create a quality, systematic and characteristic teaching platform.

Dedicated and attentive service for colleges and Universities   ▼   Accompany the postgraduate entrance examination until landing   ▼   The manager introduces high score landing winners + rich teaching experience   ▼   The landing data of the storm over the years witnessed by thousands of architectural students   ▼   Storm has been established for 13 years.

From 20227 to August, the construction foundation class (summer vacation class) /18 days to understand the performance of quick questions and the composition of architectural drawings, master the correct drawing steps and methods, from basic performance to plane drawing, bird’s-eye view, and then to the knowledge of 11 college questions, three-dimensional teaching, building scheme improvement class (summer vacation class) from 20227 to August /18 day training program ability and quick question logical thinking.

The curriculum consists of 10 categories of curriculum systems to ensure that your major is carefree   ▼   20221-february architectural foundation class (winter vacation class) / 18 days to understand the composition of architectural drawings represented by fast questions, master the correct drawing steps and methods, and conduct three-dimensional teaching from basic performance to plane drawing, bird’s eye view, and then to 11 college questions.

Add Teacher Wang’s wechat to scan the QR code   Add Teacher Wang’s phone  : 18696655019 receive a large number of free materials and major achievements in the course storm 2021 (marked yellow is storm student) Note: the admission list comes from the information network of major graduate schools, of which the students marked yellow are storm students.

20227-august architectural theory class (Master’s class) /10 days around building self-knowledge system, taking books as the basic framework and special topics as the teaching logic, improve the all-round planning of students’ later review, and the architectural theory class in 20227 (Master’s professional class) /10 days around building self-knowledge system, taking books as the basic framework and special topics as the teaching logic, improve the all-round planning of students’ later review, 20229-december construction quick question class + theory autumn class/   (continuous from September to December) Strengthen the course, sort out the knowledge of quick questions, check the deficiencies and make up the omissions; sort out the theoretical framework, sort out the latest hot architectural topics and real questions over the years, check the deficiencies and make up the omissions.

Please scan the QR code for the full version.


Storm hand-painted Chongqing exclusive full-time training institution for architecture teachers   ▼   The storm originated in Chongqing.

At present, the students who have successfully landed in the storm have covered more than 10 universities, such as Tongji University, Southeast University, Tsinghua University, Chongqing University, Xi’an University of architecture and technology, Tianjin University, South China University of technology, Hunan University, Zhejiang University, Dalian University of technology, Shenyang University of Architecture and Huazhong University of science and technology.

The founder of storm is full-time engaged in architectural postgraduate entrance examination teaching and is committed to quality teaching.

It is the first choice for fast topic intensive training for undergraduates of Laoba University.

The above scores do not include the scores of students coming to storm from other institutions in the re examination class.

In the storm, you can share PK with the undergraduates of Laoba University.

All results can be found on the official website.

Use real data to take you to find the wind vane of architecture postgraduate entrance examination.

Compared with the various postgraduate entrance examination institutions that have sprung up in the past five years, storm is not only the earliest, but also the only full-time architectural design education institution in Chongqing.

It is a training institution for architectural postgraduate entrance examination that has been hand drawn for more than ten years   ▼   After 13 years of teaching precipitation, the national coverage teaching of “old campus + 11 city branches” has trained thousands of graduate students.

The above scores do not include the academic scores of various public courses and Book delivery activities.

The sprint class before the architectural examination in 202212 / 3 days, sort out the quick questions and theoretical escort papers according to the logic of the real questions of the University, and get through all the important and difficult points; adjust the mentality and matters needing attention in the examination room.

Storm hand-painted: one with the longest history, the most champion Our teaching philosophy is: professional focus and attentive service.

In 2022, there are 28 class hours of open classes from time to time.

Taking Chongqing as the birthplace, it has set up 14 campuses in Chongqing, Xi’an, Kunming, Wuhan, Guizhou, Shandong, Hefei, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanchang and Guangzhou.

College analysis, fast topic topics, theory review, current affairs hot spots, and winter vacation class schedule can help you win the early approval at the starting line   ▼   The teaching system is a professional teacher teaching system at seven levels   ▼   5 core lecturers of teaching teachers + 10 professional teachers + n old partners   ▼   Teachers introduce their major, focus and serve attentively   ▼   Teaching environment: professional focus and attentive service   ▼   Excellent works are professional, dedicated and attentive   ▼   ▼ welfare (true questions from 33 colleges and universities) can receive a set of true questions from architecture colleges and universities by forwarding three likes from the circle of friends.

Break through the structural and organizational problems such as conceptual analysis, functional zoning and rational organization, teach you to draw right pictures, and you can be handy no matter what kind of quick question questions you face; refine architectural organization, landscape form and bird’s-eye perspective, teach you to draw good pictures, and be able to seek perfection no matter what terrain you face.

From 20223 to June, the construction fast topic class + theory spring class / (continuous every weekend from March to June) guidance course, combing the basic knowledge and theoretical framework of fast topic.


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