Registered electrical engineer power supply and distribution treatment? Types and characteristics of building materials?

Which major should secondary vocational schools evaluate? thank you! Or metallurgical engineering, changing majors is very troublesome.

It depends on the working years and the number of superior levels of the company.

Excuse me: what personnel are required for the three-level qualification conditions of power engineering, and how many people are required respectively? Who knows how good the employment prospect of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is! It’s just that I don’t earn much money, but I’m the number one! Construction scheme of steel structure of steel shed..

Rebar Cap

After several years of job evaluation for intermediate professional titles, if you have been in office for more than 2 years, you can be promoted to level 9, and you can be promoted to level 8 for more than 4 years, but it depends on your total number of intermediate people, according to the ratio of 3:4:3.

Assistant engineers evaluate metallurgical engineering.

The corresponding relationship is as follows: the basic of each level of position.


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