Recruitment of Hangzhou Shenger building materials company (5 posts such as e-commerce operation, 5 insurances and 1 Fund)

Study the status of competitive products, regularly analyze market data and competitive products, formulate relevant promotion plans and budgets, track the promotion effect, and be responsible for the results; 6.


Be able to carry out various human resources work independently, be familiar with relevant laws and regulations of human resources, and have rich experience in talent recruitment, employee relationship management, salary and training modules; 4.


Arrange daily administrative work, complete other work assigned by the superior, and report to the superior in time.

Connect with BD of each platform, understand the platform promotion rules, formulate reasonable schemes and optimize products; 7.

Be responsible for the overall operation and management of Saint Gore brand on relevant e-commerce platforms, including overall planning, marketing, promotion, analysis and monitoring, and complete target sales and other indicators; 2.

More than 3 years of store operation or relevant experience, with the ability of daily operation and fund promotion; 4.

Promotion, maintenance and operation of Google 3.

Maintenance of enterprise international station; 5.

Have a sense of responsibility, good communication skills and strong execution; 6.

Monthly salary: 6000-10000 job description 1.

Be responsible for the overall implementation of the company’s training plan, formulate training plans for employees in various posts and organize personnel to participate in training; 5.

Maintenance of Ali international station and made in China mic station; 4.


Participate in the planning and operation of institutional marketing promotion and large-scale activities, and analyze and monitor the results; 4.

It is preferred to establish a corporate partner system.


Monthly salary: 4000-6000 job description 1.

Foreign trade business manager 5.

Job requirements 1.

Maintain good cooperative relations with customers; Job requirements: 1.

Be responsible for product publicity and promotion in the region, participate in and organize various exhibitions related to products.

Now, due to the needs of market development and company development, We sincerely invite the following elites to join us: recruitment position and requirements 1.

Develop appropriate dealer channels, expand product market, and complete the sales indicators formulated by the company; 3.

Maintenance of Facebook, Linkin and other social platforms 6.

Education requirements: college degree (Marketing major is preferred) more than 2-3 years of marketing experience.

Reply and follow up the inquiry of the existing platform; 4.

Able to work under high pressure and challenge high salary; 7.

Graduation in e-commerce or network marketing: 2.


I wish you all a good job! Release recruitment information [click ➯ contact Xiaobian to release recruitment information] Hangzhou Shenger building materials Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is one of the largest manufacturers of roof system integration materials in China.

The continuous service life of each family exceeds 1 year; 5.

Complete other tasks assigned by the superior and cooperate with other departments of the company.

Familiar with e-commerce, have some network marketing experience.

Coordinate with relevant departments to successfully and effectively complete all work.

Benefits: base salary + performance bonus + year-end bonus 2.

Full time bachelor degree or above, major in human resources management or other related majors; 2.

Welfare five insurances and one fund paid annual leave full attendance reward annual tourism flexible work medical insurance regular physical examination contact information   Contact: Miss Shen   Contact email:   Location: 1501, block C, Wanda Plaza, Gongshu District! job wanted! Official account name card is reliable.

Formulate recruitment plans according to the specific conditions of each department to ensure that the talents required by the enterprise are in place in time; 3.

Collect and analyze foreign market industry information, development trend, demand change and customer feedback data, formulate and implement the sales strategy and marketing plan of the Ministry of foreign trade.


Organize, improve and optimize product information; 5.

Pay attention to Hangzhou recruitment exchange ☀ Pay attention to Hangzhou recruitment exchange.


Familiar with the characteristics, activity resources and various rules of relevant e-commerce platforms: 3.

One HR administrative specialist, monthly salary: 4000-6000 job description 1.

Formulate the company’s foreign trade business objectives, plans and lead the implementation, lead and guide team members to achieve sales objectives; 7.

Job requirements: 1.

2 e-commerce operation specialists, monthly salary: 4000-6000 job description   1.

Master perfect sales skills, have strong business development ability, and have good ability to collect and analyze sales leads.

Establish and implement the performance appraisal scheme for personnel of each department; 4.

Free access to notes: please explain the official account number from Hangzhou recruitment office..

Alibaba international station operation, leading the team to achieve the company’s goals; 2.

Be responsible for the construction of corporate culture, strengthen the ideological construction of employees and improve their sense of ownership; 6.

Driving experience is preferred.

College degree or above; 2.

Establish and improve the human resource management system, formulate the human resource management system and supervise the implementation according to the company’s development strategy; 2.


Have the ability to independently design performance management schemes, and be able to independently lead and promote the performance management system; 5.

Development of new customers and maintenance of old customers; 3.

Be responsible for the layout of products on and off the shelves, optimize the ranking of institutional stores and products, improve the exposure of stores, improve the click through rate, browsing volume and conversion rate, and create popular models; 3.

Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit.

Be responsible for the market development, customer maintenance and sales management of the company’s roof system materials (asphalt tile, colored stone metal tile, antique tile, roof drainage system); 2.

Cross border e-commerce 2.

Sales Manager 5 people, monthly salary: 4000-10000 job description 1.

Ringlock Scaffolding System Parts

Strong communication and coordination skills with customers, willing to engage in marketing work.

It has several factories such as asphalt tile, colored stone metal tile and water falling system products, dozens of production lines and an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.

More than three years working experience in comprehensive human resource management, and working experience in sales industry is preferred; 3.

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Be responsible for coordinating employee relations and properly handling disputes and related problems; 7.

Develop customers and obtain inquiries through different channels such as Google, yellow pages, Alibaba platform and social platform; 6.

CET-4 or above 3.


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