Recruitment of Guangzhou Yumin Construction Engineering Company (five insurances and one fund, year-end bonus)

The projects are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Hubei and other provinces and cities.

3、 Decoration documenter    1 person    5-6k / month job responsibilities: 1.

2、 HVAC constructor    1 person    Job responsibilities: 1.

Collect complete on-site data, pictures and video data for handling visa changes, and assist the Ministry of Commerce in the external and internal settlement of the project.

installation documenter    1 person    5-6k / month job responsibilities: 1.

Sampling, inspection, result retrieval, reporting and classified storage of various test blocks and test pieces during construction; 6.

Understand and be familiar with the communication with the Design Institute, have strong communication and coordination skills, be able to put forward the optimization scheme of the project accurately and efficiently, and find the key points, difficulties and profit growth points of the project; 3.

Collect and archive all technical changes, negotiation records, meeting minutes and other data during construction, and be responsible for classifying, logging and archiving the management documents and technical documents received every day; 3.

College degree or above in engineering and more than 3 years of relevant working experience; 2.

Have good communication experience with the Design Institute, be able to prepare optimization schemes and measures conducive to project cost, and create benefits for the project; 4.

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Records, sorting, countersigning, copying and distribution of various meetings during construction; 5.

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Have a good sense of confidentiality, patience, meticulous, careful, organized, strong sense of responsibility, proactive and team spirit.

Collection, transmission and feedback of various engineering information, and timely report to leaders when necessary.

Technical secondary school degree or above in HVAC and related majors, with more than 5 years of HVAC construction related working experience; 2.

Familiar with office software and office automation equipment; 3.

Be able to make relevant data of electromechanical installation; 2.

Be responsible for the filing and handover of construction technical data, and do a good job in the management of construction technical data; 5.

Be able to independently or assist in the preparation and review of HVAC construction scheme of public works project, and working experience in HVAC installation office data is preferred; 3.

Good expression and communication skills and team spirit, serious and responsible work, independent judgment ability, active learning consciousness and team spirit; 3.

Collection, inspection and summary of various quality assurance data during construction; 4.

Be familiar with all data, inspection lot, office data and safety data of electromechanical installation.

Job requirements: 1.

Be responsible for the collection and management of project data, drawings and other files; 2.

Be familiar with the construction drawings of various disciplines of HVAC construction, be able to draw and provide materials independently, and assist the budgeter in handling change visa, etc., have strong learning ability and adaptability, obey the work arrangement of the company, and have good team cooperation ability; 5.

Have the working experience of building decoration documenter, and be familiar with the construction process; 4.

Job requirements: 1.

was established in March 2017 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan.

Lifting Anchor

The company is engaged in the general contracting of mechanical and electrical installation engineering, fire protection engineering, intelligent engineering, decoration engineering and municipal engineering construction of various industrial and civil buildings.

Welfare benefits, five insurances and one fund, performance bonus, year-end bonus, holiday welfare and transportation subsidy, contact information email: Contact address: Project Department of the new hospital of Wuchuan people’s Hospital, Haibin 2nd road.

Recruitment position i.

Have construction experience in air conditioning water, ventilation, smoke control and automatic control system; Be fully proficient in construction drawings, construction process and technical points and difficulties, and be able to quickly solve all emergencies on site; 2.

Job requirements: 1.

Be able to skillfully use office, Excel and other office software; 2.

Complete other tasks assigned by the project manager.

Qualification certificate of the company: Grade I professional contracting of construction electromechanical installation engineering; Grade I professional contracting of fire-fighting facilities engineering; Grade II professional contracting of Building Decoration Engineering; Grade III General Contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction; Grade III General Contracting of municipal public works construction; Grade III professional contracting of environmental protection engineering; Grade III General Contracting of construction engineering; Grade III professional contracting of steel structure engineering; Construction services are not graded.

Strong sense of responsibility, principled, strong pressure resistance, and able to work at night.

Participate in the acceptance of each project and all divisional and subdivisional works; 4.

Over the years, we have successfully completed the projects of various pavilions, stadiums, industrial plants, schools, hospitals, commercial complexes, class A office buildings and commercial houses.

Company Profile Guangzhou Yumin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Data collection, sorting, filing and archiving; 3.


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