Recruitment information of construction recruiters on September 7, 2021

The salary is negotiable.

The technician shall understand computers; 6.



The curtain wall constructor shall understand computers; 3.

Holding intermediate professional title certificate or above, holding relevant certificates of constructor and cost engineer is preferred; 3.

Work address: Huizhou Daya Bay full-time college degree or above.

Full time college degree or above in municipal road and Bridge specialty, aged between 35-50 years old; 2.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

Job responsibilities: be familiar with the bidding process of water conservancy and hydropower projects, the preparation and review of project completion settlement, and be proficient in the use of water conservancy and hydropower project cost software (Yitou, Yida, Zhiduoxing) At least 5 years working experience in water conservancy and hydropower business is required.

The construction welder; 5.

The correctness and authenticity of the information released are not guaranteed to be completely accurate.

The main foreman shall understand computers; 2.

5-10 years of working experience 6000-15000 project chief engineer.


If you are interested, please call 13684956171   Du Gong (same wechat number) [Huizhou] Deputy quality safety manager of Guangdong Jinjun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd 1.

The embedded water electrician shall hold the special operation qualification certificate and the construction electrician certificate; 4.


You need to understand the salary interview of positions above computer, with five insurances and one fund, including food and accommodation.

Tel.: Ms.

recruits: a business engineer with a salary of 8000-10000 yuan / month (negotiable).

Full time high school degree or above.

Be familiar with the handling process in the field of construction engineering, and be able to handle the relationship with the competent construction department and the owner independently; Note: good health, dedication, strong sense of responsibility, certificates can go to the company with me“ Stop when the recruitment is full Working address: Huizhou Daya Bay full-time college or above, working experience 5-10 years, 10000-25000 Engineering Manager 1.

More than 4 years working experience, 2 or more whole process housing construction project experience   3.

College degree or above (Unified recruitment), engineering related major, with first-class constructor or senior title is preferred; 2.

He has served as the head of Engineering Department and project department in a construction enterprise with municipal water conservancy qualification for more than 5 years, has strong organization, coordination, communication and management skills, and has rich experience in project overall planning and team management; 4.

Be able to independently formulate the project construction management scheme according to the specific situation of the project, and be familiar with the work requirements of all aspects of the project; Understand relevant laws and regulations of the industry, and be able to properly solve various problems in the construction process of project construction; 5.

Age 35-55 years old.


Be able to effectively assist the project manager to prevent and deal with various potential safety hazards.

Be familiar with the quality acceptance standards of municipal road and bridge projects in Guangdong Province.

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

More than eight years of working experience, at least five years of project management experience, and certain team management experience; Have management experience in various disciplines of engineering, and have certain management experience in civil engineering, municipal engineering, water conservancy and other disciplines.

More than 4 years working experience, 2 or more whole process housing construction project experience, reconstruction project experience is preferred   Installation budget clerk: 2 (working location: Shenzhen, Shunde, transferred from the mainland of Guangdong Province), with more than 2 years of working experience and more than 2 whole process housing construction project experience    In addition, the following personnel shall be recruited: 1.

Jie 13874956424, resume can be sent to email: [Linxiang city] for the fourth contract section of Linxiang Yalan Chang’an highway, s501, Linxiang City, Hunan Province, we are looking for a long-term construction worker who is skilled, hardworking and responsible.

The carpenter foreman.


Dong 13530815457 [Changsha] Hunan Water Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Working location: Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province (business travelers are preferred).

Have good professional quality and sense of responsibility, have strong comprehensive analysis ability and adaptability, and be able to work and take responsibility under various environments and conditions; 4.

Preside over the daily administrative and personnel work of the project department; 2.

Be responsible for the organization of relevant meetings, the arrangement of the meeting site, and supervise the resolutions of the meeting.

The recruitment and job information provided by this official account is derived from the unified arrangement and release of the network and enterprise docking.

Overall manage the administrative and logistics services of the project department, supervise the implementation of logistics work and vehicle scheduling; 3.

More than five years of working experience in the same position.

Be responsible for the reception of the project, the establishment and maintenance of government relations and public relations, and the reception of public visitors.


For details, please contact us at 15727688836, Responsibilities of administrative director of [Huizhou] Honglin construction project: 1.


More than 2 years of working experience and more than 1 project experience   2.

The salary is negotiable, accommodation is provided, and the monthly rest is 4 days..

Builders’ service statement: they will not bear the direct, indirect, incidental, subsequent or special losses arising from obtaining the information published on this platform【 [Shenzhen] the following personnel are recruited for Shenzhen housing construction project: Civil budgeter: 3 (working location: Shenzhen, Shunde, transferred from the mainland of Guangdong Province) 1.

Have strong management ability and leadership, be able to guide the work of subordinates, and have good professional ethics“ Stop when the recruitment is full Working address: Huizhou Daya Bay full-time college or above, working experience 5-10 years, 10000-25000 Ms.

If you don’t have a resume, please don’t bother! Do not disturb those who do not want to interview! Welcome to recommend yourself.

We are looking for a long-term financial intern.


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