Recruitment information of construction industry (October 9)

Requirements: (1) have a driver’s license and can drive; (2) More than 5 years of on-site construction management experience; (3) Certificates are preferred (e.g.

Contact information: 7.

Wu 11.

Interested Caller: Ms.


Wu   13737361716 wechat synchronization 7.

The salary is negotiable.

One skilled budget and settlement clerk; At least 2 years of relevant working experience, proficient in the operation of Guanglianda and Boao software, meticulous and patient, team spirit, able to independently complete the pre settlement and progress measurement of a single project, and cost engineer certificate is preferred.

You are interested in contacting President Lu 177720169805.

If you are interested, please contact 18178848660, micro electricity synchronization.

Construction reinforcement company, recruitment: 1 documenter, three years of working experience, two-day rest, working in the company, occasionally going to the construction site, skilled use of office software, data software, etc., subject to the company’s management, good character, hard-working, both men and women.

For the large factory building project in Nandan county, Hechi City, a semi skilled or skilled documenter is recruited, including food and shelter, with a single rest every week.

Zhongshan County, Hezhou City: recruit a budgeter (Full-time), requiring more than 2 years of working experience in the construction unit, and the salary is negotiable.

Location: Hezhou City, weekend.


Liucheng County Housing construction project is recruiting a semi skilled or skilled documenter.

Liushi Road, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, recruit a skilled reference worker to cover food and housing.

Guangxi Coastal Railway Construction Co., Ltd.

The project includes food and accommodation, one day off every week, and the treatment is negotiable.

(5) Salary negotiable, including board and lodging, monthly salary, working location: Longgang District, Yongning District, Nanning city..

post certificates of five senior staff and second construction); (4) If you have a car for work, the company will make up for it.

Contact person: Mr.

The treatment is negotiable.

Interested parties shall contact Li Sheng 1897841401613 and Chongzuo factory pipe network project to recruit a chief engineer with a salary of more than 1.2W.

Welcome to join us! 4.

Workplace: Building 2, Yongli happiness Plaza, Yulin City, Guangxi Tel.: Huang Zong 13878558088 wechat No.

recruits 4 skilled budget workers, including 3 Civil Engineering (1 in Liuzhou, 1 in Longgang and 1 in Nanning University) and 1 installation.

The construction project is located in national civil aviation airports or military airports and stations.


Be familiar with relevant professional economic and technical indicators, be proficient in using engineering budget software (Guanglianda software and Boao software), and be proficient in civil engineering calculation and pricing.

The annual salary of this position is about 100000 yuan / year (basic salary + commission.

Requirements: full-time undergraduate is preferred, and independent price control is preferred.


Nanning recruits housing construction documenters, with a monthly rest of 4 days.

If you are interested, please send your resume to QQ email Or telephone contact: Qin Gong: 1837718077422.

Nanning Yongning district construction company sincerely recruits 2 skilled constructors (municipal, housing construction and highway).


Nanning Longgang project recruits a skilled or semi skilled budgeter in housing construction, with preferential treatment and accommodation.

After the national day, they can call manager Lu 1887898.

Salary + commission shall be discussed face to face.

Recruitment posts: Budget clerk Technicians, surveyors, constructors and documenters are located in Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.


The treatment is preferential.

Interested parties please contact Li Yonghua at 15107814488 for treatment and other details.

Basic salary 3500 + on-site subsidy (1500-2000) + commission for other projects (upper control price, review and settlement) with an annual salary of more than 120000.

It is required to have a strong sense of responsibility and work seriously.

They are required to have 6 years of experience, be familiar with the work process, reasonably arrange the construction, and have good communication skills.

The construction period is expected to be 2 years.

Address: rongbaohua mall, Xingguang Avenue    Tel: 18934721293   Ms.

Salary: 5.

If you are the one.

Direct recruitment of bojiatuo construction general contracting company, a subsidiary of Country Garden: [Guangxi Yulin Xingye housing construction project] position: Technical Director / Technical Manager     General affairs office / General Manager     Labour Commissioner    Equipment supervisor    Requirements for Safety Supervisor: 20-45 years old, with relevant working experience     Salary and welfare of college degree or above: Commissioner 6k-9k (13 salary), supervisor 9-14k (13 salary), manager 15-20K (14 salary), five insurances and one fund, including food and accommodation, high temperature subsidy / telephone fee subsidy / certificate subsidy, interested in contacting Miss Shen 18025702980 (wechat same number) 19.

Working location: Guokai Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning.

Interested contacts: Manager Zhu 1388223568516, high tech branch of Guilin Jianchang Construction Co., Ltd.

The most grounded and service-oriented local wechat platform! Pay attention to us, that’s right! Full time position in the construction industry 1.

Requirements: more than 2 years of design experience, skilled in using design software.

Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong team spirit and professionalism.

The accommodation and living conditions of the project department are good.

Qualifications: 1.

recruits budgeters and several constructors, which are on holiday according to national legal holidays, Various welfare payments, etc.

If you are interested, please send your resume to QQ email: 1950525564@qq.com2 Recruitment: for the class II Highway Project Department of section No.3 of provincial highway S303 huaibao huanjiangjie highway (tiantoukou ChanRu section), a constructor is recruited.

College degree or above in engineering cost and construction engineering, engaged in civil engineering budget and settlement for more than three years, and can work independently.

At present, it is in the initial stage.

Guangxi fangjiaoshi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Regularly push the latest recruitment information of Guangxi construction industry, directly from the recruitment of construction sites, foremen and bosses.

Interested parties should send their resumes to: Contact: Director Qin: 1807844991617.



The construction company recruits more than construction accountants and documenters (proficient is preferred).

Please contact Liang Gong for detailed salary 156782594949.

A labor and capital worker is recruited for the newly opened housing construction project near Ronghe lanshanfu, Qingxiu District, with a salary of 4500 ~ 5000 yuan and a single day off every week.

Those who work efficiently get more for more work without upper limit).

Two Hole Anchor

Colleagues who seriously study and improve their skills are welcome to join.

Liuzhou Luzhai County Housing construction project is recruiting a semi skilled documenter who needs to assist in making safety and quality assurance materials.


due to business needs, We are looking for several project managers, constructors, safety officers and documenters.

Tel: 18786935215 Pang Gong.

Special supervisors and supervisors of the housing construction project in Pinggui District, Hezhou City are required to bring certificates and pay interviews.

interested in contacting 13788301223, Li Gong.

Tang, Tel.: 18977876778.

Have received systematic engineering cost and other professional knowledge education and training, and be familiar with engineering cost professional knowledge.

Pay attention to me.

Liao Gong 135-0773-9735 15.

Location: Sanfang Town, Rongshui County, Wangdong township.

Location of the project department: Wangdong Township, Rongshui County, Liuzhou city.

If you are interested, please contact 15994304905 (same wechat number).

If you are interested, please submit your resume 1173142259@qq.com21 Recruitment position: 1 Civil Engineering budgeter recruitment unit: cost consulting company company address: near Jinhu square job responsibilities: 1.

There are two weekends and legal holidays.


Contact: Liu 18078081111812, Hezhou urgent recruitment of hydropower and home decoration designers.


Tel.: 13457969966 Wei Jie 18.

The treatment is negotiable.

It is required to take up the post immediately.

Be able to independently complete the budget and settlement preparation / review of civil engineering / installation discipline.

Click the above wechat to pay attention to me.

Prepare / review project budget and settlement.


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