Recruitment information of construction industry (October 15)

Regularly push the latest recruitment information of Guangxi construction industry, directly from the recruitment of construction sites, foremen and bosses.


Welcome to help forward the introduction.

Work attitude requirements: serious and meticulous work, sense of responsibility, strong execution ability, good at communication, good team spirit and professional ethics.

3、 Company domicile: Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.

16, Xianhu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning.

Ensure the work quality, be serious and responsible, and pay 6000 to 8000 yuan.

Environmental protection company, environmental protection engineering, municipal engineering, housing construction and decoration engineering: Address: there are 2 office clerks next to the exit of Xinggui station of Metro Line 3 in Xingning District, Nanning.

Liuzhou Liudong riverside Ecological Wetland Park recruits landscaping constructors, and contact President Chen 1897802210017.

Requirements: accounting major, semi familiar with 1-2 years of experience (preferably with Guanglianda, a construction engineer).


Baise Jingxi civil engineering project is looking for a project accountant.

After employment, sign a contract and buy five insurances.


Good professional ethics, rigorous and orderly work, good communication skills, team spirit and strong sense of responsibility; 5.

The municipal project of Fangchenggang bailangtan scenic spot recruits experienced budgeters.

Tel: 157784176722, Yulin, Guangxi, 10 investigators in real estate integration are urgently needed.

Project location: Guantang, Liuzhou, Guangxi, Requirements: be able to independently prepare the upper control price (including basement), be familiar with visa and contract management (if not, our Federation of trade unions will take it), have strong communication skills, cooperate with the project manager and chief engineer to promote work, and the work is mainly commercial (refer to the successful cases of central enterprises).

Contact person: Manager Zhang, Tel.: 1807798708313.


Salary: 6000-10000 (salary on time), taking into account other projects, with commission.

Two installation professionals, male and female, college degree or above, project cost, construction engineering Civil engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering; 2.

is in urgent need of professional talents.

After the probation period, the salary shall be determined according to the technical proficiency and working ability.

Zhang, Tel.: 13878630848.

Location: Guangxi, salary negotiable.

The working place is in Guilin city and surrounding counties and districts.

Technical requirements: understand construction drawings, be familiar with Guanglianda, Boao and other cost software, and be able to complete budget and settlement independently.

Contact information: 17396764979 Lianggong 4.

The most grounded and service-oriented local wechat platform! Pay attention to us, that’s right! Full time post in construction industry 1.

The project is in good condition.


The project is in Rongshui County, Liuzhou.

Wechat No.

Welcome to forward.

Pay attention to me.

The treatment is negotiable.

Click the above wechat to pay attention to me.

Tel: 151819876383, Yashan Town, Bobai County, Guangxi, recruit semi skilled house construction documenters.

1、 Recruitment position 1.

Do not disturb the novice! Interested parties contact Mr.


After the probation period, the salary shall be determined according to the technical proficiency and working ability.

Wire Ring Clutch

The project can be idle without waiting for the construction site.

Skilled workers: 2, fresh graduates or interns: 2.


Interested Caller: Ms.

Contact person: General Manager Yang 18376226567.

A supervision company in Guilin recruits several professional supervision engineers and supervisors.

Contact: Mr.

Obey the arrangement of leaders and be able to adapt to the work and life of the project department on the construction site..

now recruits two installation budgeters: job requirements: 1.

Tel: 13481889868 long Zong 8.

The internship salary of fresh graduates is 4000 yuan / month, the internship salary of interns is 3000 yuan / month, and the probation period is 3 months.

A skilled budget clerk of Nanning high tech zone.

The treatment of cost engineer is negotiable.

Guangxi Guizhou (Nandan Pingtang) Expressway under construction, The director’s office is in urgent need of a contract Metrology Engineer, which is required without certificate and is 6000 yuan without certificate.

Recruitment, highway documenter and cost engineer.

Now we are recruiting a decoration constructor with excellent treatment.

2、 Salary and treatment 1.

The project is on duty, with treatment of 7000-9000, including food and accommodation.

Recruitment, highway documenter and cost engineer.

After employment, sign a contract and buy five insurances.

More than 3 years of relevant working experience, and have certain communication and coordination skills; 4.

Liubao Town, Cangwu County, Wuzhou City recruits experienced documenters of housing construction.

Location: Nanning.

Recruit 1 survey supervisor, 1 surveyor, 1 tester, 1 safety officer, 1 cashier and 1 supervisor respectively.

Working location: floor 11, building a, Dingfeng Plaza, No.

Four constructors are recruited for Guangxi Beihai housing construction project.

Can see the construction drawings.

There is no need to punch in and out of work, the time is free and the treatment is good; 6.

Guangdong HUICAI Airport Construction Co., Ltd.

The project is in Rongshui County, Liuzhou.


Proficient in engineering quantity calculation and pricing software such as Guanglianda, Boao and Guanglong; 3.

Work is idle.

Another 2 interns are recruited.

Hechi Jinchengjiang downtown housing construction project, 20000 square single family, has been capped.

Job requirements: be able to complete work tasks independently, skillfully use data software, such as Hengzhi Tiancheng and tea tasting.

They are required to have been tested for more than 3 years, have a sense of responsibility, effectively communicate with the supervisor, and do a good job in visa and daily matters.

Guangxi Hanchang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Skilled workers: 2, fresh graduates or interns: 2.

If you are interested, please contact: general affairs department: Mongolian workers Tel.: 15678156551qq email: (same wechat number) interested parties can send their resumes and certificates to QQ email or telephone wechat.

Wu   13737361716 wechat synchronization 7.

If you want to contact: sister Lin 1530781467514, 2 constructors, 5 years of highway construction experience, 1 requires pavement experience, hard-working, Hechi class II Road; 1 accountant in mixing plant, major in finance and accounting, more than half a year’s experience in finance and accounting, adapt to resident work and work in Hechi; 1 documenter, with 3-5 years of experience in highway quality inspection documenter, resident in Yongfu, Guilin; Salary negotiation by telephone, four days off per month, including food and accommodation, contacting Weigong 19195848952 (wechat same number) 15.

The treatment of cost engineer is negotiable.

Tel.: 18776935215 Pang Gong.

Tel.: 18973703555 Xu 5.

Dong has to make a bid first.

They are required to have relevant surveying and mapping experience and CAD knowledge is preferred.

The treatment is negotiable.

The salary of documenter is 8000-10000.

Labor subcontracting, with a contract amount of 30 million, mainly subgrade engineering 19.

Liuzhou Gaoyang exchange urgently employs a chief engineer, under 45 years old, full-time college degree or above, more than 5 years of road work experience, will prepare construction scheme, and working as chief Engineer of expressway is preferred; Salary discussion, (wechat same number) 17300083601 Zhang Gong 16.

Experience is preferred.

They are not limited in age and familiar with computers.

For skilled technicians, the probation period is 2 months and the monthly salary is 5000 yuan.

Interested parties please call: 15717726908 Mo Gong, wechat No.

Familiarity with bidding is preferred.

Huang 15678155394! 20.

Boys first.

His main work is to prepare various construction schemes such as construction organization design for bidding.

Thank you.

Labor subcontracting, with a contract amount of 30 million, mainly for road foundation engineering.

Budgeter: graduated from relevant majors, engaged in cost discipline for more than 2 years, familiar with engineering quantity calculation rules, able to use Guanglianda, Boao and other common pricing software, familiar with WPS office software, AutoCAD drawing software, etc.

Tel.: 156772436586.

Contact: Yang Zong 18376226567.

Recruitment of a skilled budgeter (resident).

The salary of documenter is 8000-10000.

The treatment is preferential! Two engineering documenters: do not live on the project site and work in the company headquarters.

Technician: graduated from junior college or above, familiar with the technical specifications of design, construction, measurement and test and the technical requirements of construction procedures.


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