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Construction machinery usage fee: expressed by the consumption of construction machinery shift multiplied by the unit price of construction machinery shift.

1、 Divided by constituent elements( 1) Labor cost: refers to various expenses paid to production workers engaged in construction and installation works and workers of affiliated production units according to the provisions on the composition of total wages.

2、 The construction and installation engineering cost is divided according to the cost form, which is composed of sub divisional and divisional engineering cost, measure project cost, other project cost, regulation fee and value-added tax( 1) Cost of divisional and subdivisional works: refers to various expenses that should be disbursed for divisional and subdivisional works of various professional works.

Scaffold engineering cost: refers to the amortization (or lease) cost of various scaffold erection, dismantling and transportation costs and scaffold purchase cost required for construction.


It focuses on construction projects, real estate and general contracting.

Including: social insurance premium (endowment insurance premium, unemployment insurance premium, medical insurance premium, maternity insurance premium, industrial injury insurance premium), housing accumulation fund and project sewage discharge fee.

Increased construction cost in special areas: refers to the increased cost of construction in desert or its edge areas, high altitude, high cold, virgin forest and other special areas.

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Additional cost of night construction: refers to the night shift subsidy, efficiency reduction of night construction, amortization of lighting equipment and lighting power consumption during night construction.

※ When the general tax calculation method is adopted, the input tax of value-added tax shall be deducted from the unit price of materials (III) use fee of construction machines and tools: it refers to the use fee of construction machinery, instruments and meters or their rental fee incurred in construction operation.

The division of divisional and subdivisional works of various professional works is shown in the current national or industrial measurement specifications( 2) Measure project cost: refers to the cost of technology, life, safety and environmental protection before and during the construction of the project in order to complete the construction of the project.

The unit price of instrument shift consists of depreciation cost, maintenance cost, calibration cost and power cost, excluding the relevant expenses of testing software( 4) Enterprise management fee: refers to the expenses required by construction and installation enterprises to organize construction, production and operation management.

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Project positioning retest fee.

Such as earthwork, foundation treatment and pile foundation works, masonry works, reinforcement and reinforced concrete works divided by housing construction and decoration works.


Additional construction cost in winter and rainy season: refers to the cost of temporary facilities, anti-skid, rain and snow removal, and reduction of labor and construction machinery efficiency required for construction in winter or rainy season.


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The contents include: 1.

Before this, let’s briefly introduce the contents related to the total investment and project cost of the construction project.


The above content is based on 16 quota.

Hello everyone, today we will share the contents related to the construction and installation cost through the daily knowledge 60 seconds activity.

The construction and installation project cost is divided according to the project cost (usually referred to as the list price), which is composed of sub divisional and divisional project cost, measure project cost, other project cost, regulatory fee and value-added tax.


Completed works and equipment protection cost.

The basic calculation formula of material cost is: material cost = ∑ (material consumption) × (unit price of materials) the unit price of materials includes the original price of materials, transportation and miscellaneous expenses, transportation loss expenses, procurement and storage expenses.

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Next, let me briefly talk about the construction and installation cost.

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Divisional and subdivisional works: refer to the items divided by various professional works according to the current national measurement specifications.

Mobilization and demobilization, installation and disassembly costs of large machinery and equipment: refers to the transportation and transfer costs of machinery in and out of the site and the labor, material and machinery costs required for the installation and disassembly of machinery at the construction site when the machinery is transported from the parking site to the construction site or from one construction site to another Commissioning cost and cost of auxiliary facilities required for installation.

As shown in the figure below:   In our practice, the construction contract disputes between the construction unit and the construction unit mainly occur in the construction and installation cost.


In practical application, some adjustments shall be made according to the applicable version agreed by both parties.

See the current national or industrial measurement specifications for various professional projects for the measure items and their contents( 3) Other project fees other project fees include Provisional Sums, daywork, general contracting service fees, etc( 4) The fees and (V) taxes are basically consistent with the items and calculation methods divided according to the constituent elements above, and will not be repeated here.

The contents include the salary of management personnel, office expenses, travel and transportation expenses, use of fixed assets, use of tools and appliances, labor insurance and employee welfare expenses, labor protection expenses, inspection and test expenses, labor union expenses, employee education expenses, property insurance expenses, financial expenses, taxes, other expenses, etc( 5) Profit: refers to the profit obtained by the construction enterprise from completing the contracted project( 6) Fees: refers to the fees that must be paid or calculated by the provincial government and relevant provincial authorities in accordance with national laws and regulations.

Instrument usage fee: expressed by the consumption of construction instruments multiplied by the unit price of instrument shift.

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Secondary handling fee.

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Other fees that should be listed but not included shall be calculated according to the actual occurrence( 7) Tax: refers to the business tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and local education surcharge that shall be included in the construction and installation project cost according to the national tax law.

Other older quota versions may have content changes.

The so-called total investment of construction project refers to the total amount of all costs expected or actually invested during the construction period in order to complete the construction of the project and meet the use requirements or production conditions.

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Safe and civilized construction cost (environmental protection cost, civilized construction cost, safe construction cost and temporary facilities cost) 2.

Professional engineering: refers to various projects such as housing construction and decoration engineering, antique building engineering, general installation engineering, municipal engineering, landscaping engineering, mining engineering, structure engineering, urban rail transit engineering, blasting engineering and so on.

The construction and installation engineering cost is divided according to the cost components (often referred to as quota group price): it is composed of labor cost, material (including engineering equipment, the same below), use cost of construction machines and tools, enterprise management cost, profit, fees and taxes.

The unit price of construction machinery shift shall be composed of depreciation cost, major repair cost, regular repair cost, installation and demolition cost, off-site transportation cost, labor cost, fuel and power cost and tax.

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The cost of divisional and subdivisional works, measure items and other items include labor cost, material cost, use cost of construction machines and tools, enterprise management cost and profit.


The contents include: hourly wage or piecework wage, bonus, allowance, overtime wage and wage paid under special circumstances( 2) Material cost: refers to the cost of raw materials, auxiliary materials, components, parts, semi-finished products or finished products and engineering equipment consumed in the construction process, as well as the amortization and leasing cost of revolving materials.


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