[Recruitment in Songming] Yunnan Qidu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Resume registration and free recruitment of Yunnan Qidu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Introduction Our company is a construction enterprise integrating design, construction and building materials sales.

With the joint efforts of all our employees, our company has independently designed and constructed more than 100 projects, and has become a construction enterprise with certain social influence in the local construction industry.

It was founded in 2017.

Contact: Work address 1: Yunnan Qidu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., 50 meters east of Songming Airport Avenue, Kunming, Yunnan

Recruitment number of marketing managers/directors: unlimited salary: 9900 yuan – 14800 yuan Welfare: paid annual leave, project bonus development of new markets, new customers, marketing plan planning and implementation, team formation, personnel training, etc.

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