Recruitment in Nanchong | Recruitment in Nanchong Meixuan Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (year-end award,

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Provide a complete design scheme from conception, drawing to 3D modeling; 2.

I wish you all success in finding a good job! Nanchong Meixuan Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Complete other related work.

9 Courtyard, No.

Willing to work hard, eager for high salary, sales experience is preferred.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

Reflect the sense of space and practicality of the home through design and creativity; 3.

Clear thinking, with the ability to analyze and solve problems; 3.

03 Home decoration consultants: 5 persons, 5-100/month Job responsibilities: 1.

Publicize the company’s image, try to leave a good impression on customers, invite customers to the store to understand, and accompany customers to understand the company’s decoration process.

Cost accounting of decoration, etc; 4.

Job requirements: work conscientiously and responsibly, with relevant work experience is preferred.

117, Section 1, Yinghua North Road, Shunqing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province If you want to see more local high-quality recruitment positions, please add customer service to help you find good jobs faster.

was established in 2021, and its business scope includes residential interior decoration; Construction engineering design; Various engineering construction activities; Construction labor subcontracting; Construction of fire protection facilities; Construction of cultural relics protection works; Construction project supervision; Professional design services; Engineering management services; Sales of mechanical equipment; Lease of mechanical equipment; Lease of construction machinery and equipment; Sales of building decoration materials, etc.

Maintain the business of old customers and tap their maximum potential; 4.

02 Several managers of the Network Department are 50-100/month.

Contact customers by telephone, communicate with customers, and establish good interaction with customers; 2.

Communicate with cooperative customers on a regular basis to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.

Be responsible for collecting and communicating with new customers and developing new customers; 2.

Effectively communicate with customers by telephone to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance; 3.

unlimited education background, unlimited experience, affinity, fluent language, and patient communication with customers; Have strong marketing ability and be able to use different channels to expand customers; 2.

CAD plane drawing; 2.

Have relevant work experience; 3.

Job requirements: 1.

Benefits Year-end bonus, professional training, holiday benefits Contact number: 15184361925 Address: Floor 4, Unit 1, Building 1, Zhongtai No.

Have good aesthetics and be able to measure rooms.

Job requirements: 1.

Job responsibilities: 1.

Company Profile 01: 2 interior designers, 10000 to 20000/month Job responsibilities: 1.


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