Recruitment in Mianyang | recruitment in Sichuan Jinfa construction and installation engineering company (regular physical examination and

Basically able to live on the construction site; 7.

Closely cooperate with the construction, adhere to the realistic, serious and responsible work style, listen to the work arrangement, and complete various construction survey and setting out tasks on time; 2.

Take the initiative in line inspection.

Working place: 2 Civil Engineering foremen in Xianhai Lake scenic spot, Mianyang, 7000-11000 / month 1.

Qualification: civil construction worker certificate; 3.

Able to independently organize the whole process construction of 30000 square meters of high-rise buildings; 5.

Since its establishment, the company has firmly grasped the historical development opportunity of western development and developed by leaps and bounds with the joint efforts of the company’s leaders and employees.

Assist the construction foreman in the technical review of measurement; Qualifications: 1.

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The constructor shall give priority to the employment of welfare, five insurances and one fund, paid annual leave, regular physical examination, meal allowance and performance bonus.

Recruit 3 post surveyors, 7000-11000 post responsibilities: 1.

Conduct on-site calibration and measurement of red line pile survey control points together with the construction unit; 6.

College degree or above, major in civil engineering, industrial and civil construction and project management; 2.

6 engineering vehicle drivers, 7000-11000 / month 1, with relevant mechanical operation certificates; 2.

Be familiar with the performance of the measuring instruments used, take good care of the measuring instruments, and carry out the weekly inspection of the instruments on time.

Closely cooperate with the design and construction, make sufficient preparations in advance, and formulate a practical and feasible survey and setting out scheme synchronized with the construction.

Project internship experience is preferred and understanding BIM is preferred; 3.

Be familiar with the construction drawings, prepare the measurement scheme according to the requirements of relevant regulations and standards, and prepare the form of tools required for measurement; 3.

I wish you all a good job! Company profile Sichuan Jinfa construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.

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It is a comprehensive construction enterprise with first-class general contracting qualification.

Setting out and line inspection shall be carried out at all stages and main parts of the whole construction, and work shall be strengthened in reviewing the survey and setting out scheme and guiding and inspecting the survey and setting out to avoid rework; 8.

Carefully install and adjust the instrument during measurement, with accurate readings, neat records, and use the legal unit of measurement; 4.

Plate Anchor

Be responsible for timely sorting out and improving baseline review, measurement records and other measurement data.

Familiar with high-rise building construction process and professional knowledge; 4.

Verification and calibration of measuring instruments; 7.

was established in November 2000 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan.

More than three years operation experience; 3.

Strong sense of responsibility, hardworking.

Before measurement, understand the design intention, learn and check the drawings; Understand the construction deployment and formulate the survey and setting out scheme; 5.

Hardworking and willing to study on the project site for a long time.

Major: Construction Engineering or civil engineering; 2.

Contact Tel.: 028-65730090 address: 50m west of Xianhai road..

The line inspection work shall start from reviewing the survey and setting out scheme, and put forward preventive requirements for the survey and setting out work before the construction of each main stage, so as to truly prevent trouble before it happens; 9.

More than 6 years of working experience, independently completed the on-site construction management of high-rise residential buildings; 6.


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