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Since its establishment eight years ago, supernature has cooperated with famous first-line companies such as Porsche, Shenzhen Tencent games, Hangzhou Netease games and Shenzhen Dajiang, actively participated in the construction of social practice and had a certain social influence.

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The main purpose is to think and solve design problems in an innovative way by exploring the substantive operation law of things, grafting and learning from the thinking mode of other disciplines.

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With the greatest advantage of innovation and foresight, through the continuous expansion and interaction of design boundaries, the studio can stimulate the synergy of creative inspiration and realize high-quality design services.

Lifting Anchor

About our supernaturelab super natural architecture research laboratory, referred to as transcendental architecture for short.

We have many years of commercial design experience, keen insight, insight into the changing trend of the times, and provide every customer with the most cutting-edge design solutions.

Founded by architect Huang Zhiwu in 2013, it is a design team composed of diversified and interdisciplinary cutting-edge designers.

Based on a more comprehensive understanding of the design dimension and the observation of the complexity and uncertainty of the world, we hope to constantly innovate from the beginning of design, rather than mechanically and frequently imitate the style and shape.

The Studio brings together professionals in different fields with both theory and practice.

Transcendent architectural design studio looks at the needs of design from a comprehensive perspective through the practice of activating projects at different scales of architecture, interior, shops and cities.


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