Recruit new members from the Party member’s home of the College of architectural engineering — looking for the shining you

Dinner / group construction recruitment instructions #1 applicants’ conditions are for all freshmen of the college.

After understanding the above, I believe many construction workers xiaomengxin want to know more about the recruitment details of the Party member’s house of our college.

The paper registration form is submitted by 18:00 on September 15.

The seniors and sisters will be enthusiastic to answer them! Department activities here, we never drift with the tide, we have our own freestyle.

Party member’s home of College of Architectural Engineering   Recruit new! Freshmen of the College of architectural engineering! Looking forward to the collective sense of honor? Want to exercise yourself in major activities? Want to learn official account, video clip PS and so on? Want a straight and strong front row disco? In short, want to meet a better self?! Then come to the Party member’s house of the Institute of construction and engineering and give yourself a shining opportunity to be an awakening colleague! The department introduces the red boat spirit of the red pioneer “love departure volunteer service” team (Aiqi team), and Aiqi inherits it.

Join us, let yourself shine and add a heavy color to your college life“ Volunteer activity morning meeting party members help one…

The new form of bidding is to be determined.

Scan QR code to join party member’s home welcome electronic form registration form QR code-.


In addition, the electronic registration form can be obtained by scanning the QR code.

Recommendation Index of Aiqi volunteer service team: ★★★★★ (1) assist the college in carrying out various volunteer service activities (Jiaxing library and xiangjiadang nursing home)( 2) Carry out activities such as Party members helping each other and Party members contacting dormitories( 3) Carry out morning meetings and civilized self-cultivation activities.

Lifting Eye Anchor

Please submit the paper registration form to the freshman Counselor (class assistant) in time, and then the staff of the Party member’s home will collect it from the class assistant.

The comprehensive publicity department publicizes the party in breadth and comprehensive consideration in depth.

The electronic application form shall be submitted by 18:00 on September 15.

Recommendation Index of comprehensive publicity department: ★★★★  ( 1) Assist Party member’s house in material purchase, financial statistics and reimbursement of various activities;  ( 2) Assist the Party member’s house in printing various activity documents and materials, and sort out and summarize the materials;  ( 3) Responsible for the management and maintenance of wechat platform of Party member’s home( 4) Responsible for the daily publicity activities of the Party member’s home, making tweets and posters.


The theory and practice department is the organizer of learning from the party.

Recommendation Index of theory and practice department: ★★★★★★ (1) assist the college in organizing amateur Party schools and doing a good job in the development of Party school activities( 2) Assist the college in the organization and management of training courses for development objects and training courses for probationary party members( 3) Assist the Party member’s home in sorting out the knowledge database of activities such as Party member feedback education and publicity.

Recommendation Index of assessment and development department: ★★★★★ (1) assist the college in the development and regularization of student party members( 2) Assist the college to review the materials of student party members, probationary party members and party activists every semester( 3) Assist the Party member’s home to organize and carry out the activities and learning of each branch.

Assess the “collector” of archival materials of the Ministry of development and the “guide” close to the party.

This group is used to answer questions about recruitment.

If you have any questions, you can join the group to chat.

The comprehensive publicity department is good at publicity editing, typesetting and writing, and activity photography is preferred# 2 number of new recruits 5-10 staff of each department #3 registration form submission method note: choose one of the paper registration form and the electronic registration form to fill in 1.

The QR code can be seen in the attachment after the registration form or the recruitment announcement of the Party member’s home.

The time and place of the interview shall be notified in advance by the relevant person in charge by telephone and SMS.

Love opens the door, love sets out.


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