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According to the latest national urban GDP ranking, Nantong ranks among the top 20..

About Nantong on November 12, 2020, ***    2.

4666, Tianqu East Road, Yuanqiao Town, economic and Technological Development Zone, De Zhou City, Shandong Province contact person: manager Liu 19906375179 Tel.: 0534-8059666 email: 5、 The bus route Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center is located on the Bank of Zilang lake south of Tonghu Avenue and east of Xingfu Road, facing the cultural and creative center across the lake.

The high-tech enterprise recognizes that the technical level of the representative enterprise is at the national first-class or leading level, with high innovation, strong market competitiveness and potential market value; Strong sense of innovation; Strong market development ability and management level.

82 and No.

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Enterprise products 4.

Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to technological innovation and achievement transformation activities, and taken the road of independent innovation, sustainable and healthy development.

In every four super high-rise buildings in Shanghai, one is by the “Nantong Iron Army”;    4.

Three British construction science, wisdom leads the future.

The company covers a total area of 110 mu, with a total investment of 420 million and an intelligent production plant of 76000 square meters.

In November 2020, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise and awarded the title of high-tech enterprise.

In the same year, Sanying Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

address: No.

As the “hometown of construction”, Nantong has more than 1.6 million construction employees, and 9 of the top 500 enterprises in the national construction industry;    3.

With the technical support provided by Italy Mercosur and the European and American intelligent design concept, the company provides customers with factory layout planning, factory construction consulting services, financial services, drawing deepening design, customized automatic production line, equipment installation, after-sales technical support, recommendation and training of high-end management talents in the industry, training for whole post skill improvement in the factory and technical improvement of the whole brand, And other integrated PC factory solutions, take practical actions to assume the role of comprehensive service provider, and lead the healthy development of China’s prefabricated construction industry.

92 buses get off at the “Guanda mall” station.

Contact information: Shandong sanyingconstruction Technology Co., Ltd, Ltd.

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There are three elevated routes for self driving: Tonghu Avenue elevated, Tongsheng Avenue elevated, Tongfu North Road Elevated public transport subway line 1 under “Tonghu Avenue” (under construction) subway line 2 (under construction) No.

In the future, Sanying construction technology will continue to be committed to the sustainable development of social economy and environment, advocate resource conservation and environmental protection, maintain a global vision, promote the comprehensive innovation of prefabricated construction industry with its own technology R & D, manufacturing strength, training system and all-round three-dimensional services, and make greater contributions to the great leap forward development of China’s Prefabricated industrialization.

It is the foundation of Sanying Jianke people and the goal and direction of every Sanying people.

28 and No.

(hereinafter referred to as Sanying Construction Technology Co., Ltd.) is located in Shandong Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

All the people of sanyingjianke promise you that we will always focus on improving product quality, paying attention to customer needs and providing efficient services.

Under the background of the state vigorously promoting the industrialization of prefabricated buildings, it has a comprehensive after-sales service guarantee system based on more than 20 years of experience in intelligent manufacturing and machining, relying on a number of industry authoritative experts at home and abroad and strong design and R & D teams, and guided by scientific modern manufacturing management experience.

Enterprise spirit: full devotion and pursuit of excellence 3.

The technology R & D department carries out R & D activities and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Full devotion and pursuit of excellence.

established Dezhou engineering construction industrialization research institute, which made a modest contribution to promoting the industrialization process of assembly industry.

As a comprehensive service provider of efficient and intelligent factory for prefabricated buildings in China, Sanying construction technology is a professional manufacturer of assembled building automation production line equipment.

Three English people are customer-centered, full-time investment, continuous innovation and continuous improvement of products and services.

Core values of the enterprise: customer demand oriented, rapid iteration of products, technologies and services, and focus on continuous improvement; Care for every three British people, do not despise every soul and live up to every drop of sweat.

The power of excellence comes from the persistence of dreams.

Pay tribute to the craftsman spirit and provide customers with high-quality products.

Company mission: focus on customer needs; Provide customers with temperature, strength and targeted overall solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers.

8, No.

99 buses get off at the “Industrial Expo City” station, and No.

The Department is equipped with advanced R & D equipment and has formulated a series of R & D organization and management systems to ensure the orderly progress of the company’s R & D and innovation organization and management, so as to improve the company’s technological innovation ability and provide a strong driving force for the company’s leapfrog development.

The total annual output value of Nantong’s construction industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

In the process of R & D, the company has obtained 27 utility model patents, 6 software copyrights and 1 invention patent.

2、 Corporate culture company positioning: comprehensive service provider of efficient and intelligent factory for Chinese prefabricated buildings.

The company has transformed 17 scientific and technological achievements, with an annual average of more than 5.


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