Quotation summary of labor cost of construction contract

End enterprise internal training Beijing company of China Construction First Bureau Group gave a training lecture on “the way to profit and cost of construction projects under difficult circumstances”, and China energy construction Hunan thermal power gave a special lecture on “improving the ability of business manager and cost manager”.

Fan Yi was invited to give a lecture for more than 30 construction enterprises in Tianjin, Henan Province The lecture on “ways to change claims and create efficiency” starts with an original article related to cost.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

invited Fan Yi to give a training lecture on “whole process cost management (cost + law + Management)” for the first company of China Communications fourth navigation Bureau.

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At the invitation of China Construction political research Institute, Fan Yi teacher gave a speech for Shandong power construction More than 30 enterprises such as Hebei Construction held a special lecture on “improving the ability of business managers and cost managers”.

China Railway 25th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

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