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With a certificate of intermediate professional title in hydraulic engineering and environment or a certificate of intermediate professional title in environmental geology, those with work experience are preferred; 3.

The Inner Mongolia Corps of China Building Materials Industrial Geological Survey Center (hereinafter referred to as the Inner Mongolia Corps) was established in 1973, and is one of the 26 geological exploration units under the China Building Materials Industrial Geological Survey Center.

Number of administrative personnel recruited: 1 person 1.

Click on the above official account to follow our company profile China Construction Materials Industrial Geological Survey Center (China Nonmetallic Mining Industry Co., Ltd.) (hereinafter referred to as “Geological Survey Center (China Nonmineral)”), established in 1953, is subordinate to the former National Building Materials Bureau.

Male, 25-35 years old.

Contact: Ms.

Major in mineral prospecting, geological exploration, geology, hydraulic, environmental, and resource exploration; 2.

Have professional dedication and teamwork spirit.

The Inner Mongolia Corps has continuously expanded its business field and gradually established a comprehensive geological exploration unit focusing on non-metallic mineral exploration, concurrently engaged in surveying and mapping and geographic information systems, geological disasters and mine environment restoration and treatment, experimental analysis and testing, and mining development.

In response to the needs of national construction, the Geological Exploration Center (China’s non mining industry) has continuously expanded its business fields, forming two main businesses: non-metallic mining and geological exploration services.

Major in hydrogeology, engineering geology, disaster geology, environmental geology, etc., with solid professional theoretical knowledge.


Work hard and can withstand certain work pressure.

Solid professional foundation, with practical work experience or a registered surveyor’s certificate is preferred; 4.

Complete disaster assessment, design report preparation, and work experience is preferred.


The non-metallic mining industry includes the development of non-metallic minerals, the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of mineral functional materials, and the operation of mining rights; The geological exploration service industry includes resource geological exploration, geographic information mapping, disaster prevention and ecological restoration, and engineering geological exploration.

Solid professional foundation, practical work experience and relevant intermediate professional titles are preferred.

Male, 25-35 years old.

Recruitment number of laboratory technicians: 2 people 1.

Good communication and coordination skills, working steadily and steadily;.


Recruitment number of hydraulic, environmental, and geological technicians: 3 people 1.

Recruitment requirements: Geological disaster technical personnel Recruitment number: 3 people 1.

Responsible for laboratory related technical work; 2.

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Now, it is a secondary unit of the World Top 500 China Building Materials Group, a public institution subsidized by the central government budget, and is accelerating its transformation to enterprise operation.

Major in land planning and surveying and mapping; 2.

Strong executive and communication skills.



Recruitment number of surveying and mapping office and field technicians: 4 people 1.

It is a tertiary unit under the China Building Materials Group, one of the world’s top 500 companies.

Proficient in using CAD, MAPGIS and other mapping software and Word and other office software.

The Geological Exploration Center (China Non Mining) currently has 6288 employees, including 4588 professional and technical personnel, including 222 professor-level senior engineers and 930 senior engineers.

Zhang Contact Tel.: 0471-4913506 Address: Luojiaying Village, Bayan Town, Saihan District, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region“

It has 26 geological exploration units and 103 enterprises, distributed in 29 provinces (cities) and autonomous regions, forming a nationwide business pattern.


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