[publicity before approval] about the architectural design scheme of Zijin Sanya Gold Industrial Park Project

According to relevant regulations, the general layout and effect drawing of the design scheme are publicized before approval according to the procedure, and the publicity time is 7 working days (October 29, 2021 to November 8, 2021).

The total building area is about 60900 square meters, the capacity building area is about 55900 square meters, the plot ratio is 1.91, the building density is 35.83%, the building height is 29.9 meters, the green space rate is 11%, and there are 234 motor vehicle parking spaces (including 9 bus parking spaces).

Location map of the project area 2.

common   Show the pre-approval publicity of the architectural design scheme of Zijin Sanya Gold Industrial Park project.

152 Hedong Road, Sanya City, postal code: 572000.

For feedback, please indicate the contact information, the feedback of the unit and affix the official seal.

    Attachment: 1.

Zijin Gold Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd.

Sanya natural resources and Planning Bureau October 29, 2021     .

applies for the construction of Zijin Sanya Gold Industrial Park project in plot wl-01-02, Sanya comprehensive logistics park, Meicun area, Tianya District, Sanya City.

If you have any comments on the construction of the project, please give feedback before November 9, 2021.

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Feedback method: email to: sy88362336@sanya.gov.cn Please mail your written comments to: construction engineering section, Sanya natural resources and Planning Bureau, No.

Tel: 88271879, contact: Yu hengcai.

General layout 3.

Lifting Anchor

The ownership land area of the project is about 43.81 mu, and the construction contents are 1 5-storey gold refinery, 1 7-storey comprehensive building 1 6-storey R & D plant, 3 6-7 storey jewelry processing plants, 1 1-storey warehouse and local 1-storey basement.


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