Provincial College Entrance Examination champion admitted: regret choosing Tsinghua Architecture Department

The organizational structure of private enterprises will be relatively simple.

Some problems that teachers can’t understand make me clear at once.

After all, architecture should also be on the ground to solve problems.

All majors in Qingbei can be the first to choose, but I’m confused.

I even asked my friends in finance of Beijing University and Tsinghua computer college about their income.

After the college entrance examination that year, I ranked first in the province.

I instantly became a celebrity in the county.

Later, I encountered a bottleneck in the development of state-owned enterprises (I know everything, mainly because the seniority of state-owned enterprises is serious, positions and income are one radish and one pit, and I am still a young tender radish without pit), so I switched to a private enterprise design company.

As a result, I was hanged…

After so many years of efforts, I may have fed the dog these nights, added these classes and lost these hair.

In my career as an architect, I took the opportunity to fully develop my ability.

And those students in the architecture department don’t pay much attention to mathematics related courses and several mechanics courses.

The head teacher said: don’t think about it.

Later, after I really started studying architecture, although I found that it was different from my favorite physics, I still learned it very energetically.

I thought it was at least about the same.

He was the founder and CEO of a private design company from 2017 to now.

Basically, whoever can create value, the rank and income of those who have strong ability to work will be relatively high, and those who have weak ability to work will be reduced or even dismissed.

1 school experience clearly liked physics.

The goal of private enterprises is very simple, that is, to make profits.

Do you come out to be an Internet cafe network manager? At that time, I decided so happily, gave up finance and computer, chose architecture, and was full of infinite vision for the future.

At the beginning of my work, I hope to exercise my ability of all-round development, so I will ask the leaders to let me participate in scheme design and construction drawing design at the same time.

At that time, I often thought: if I had chosen finance or computer, could I laugh at my friend who studied architecture? Unfortunately, there is no if.

This is the first time I began to think about college majors.

The scheme can be responsible for creating some small projects by myself, and the construction drawings can also be competent for the work of professional principals.

Xing Ke was the No.

If I lay flat on the spot, it would be good to walk Fudan, but I thought about it.

For example, “project manager ability” is the ability to communicate with the owner..

Based on the results at that time, I was still quite sure to pass the college entrance examination, so I refused to walk and decided to get up and continue to prepare for the college entrance examination.

With this ability, I can also get good scores in the design class.

But let me choose.

After years of working overtime and staying up late, I think I have done a good job among my peers.

At that time, I thought that if the admissions professor told me that you can only choose XXX major if you want to go to Tsinghua, I can save snacks.

A few years ago, I worked in a state-owned enterprise and had many opportunities to participate in the whole process.

Later, when I was studying architecture in high school, my favorite was physics.

Many choices will also annoy people.

He said: your score report computer is too wasteful, and the computer is too tired to learn.

Professionally, I can be independent in a small range.

I participated in the national physics competition and won the third place in the second round of the province, The third prize of the national final.

Well, I couldn’t get up completely.

In the anxious environment of the architectural design industry, let me also share with you my career development process, which may bring you a little help.

Although as a logical person who has been trained by physical thinking for many years, I don’t have too wild imagination and strive to speak clearly and reliably.

1 student in the provincial college entrance examination in 2005-2010.


I remember I asked the head teacher how about the computer.

At this time, I felt regretful about choosing the architecture department for the first time.

So I ran to ask a circle of people around me.

Maybe I don’t have the artistic temperament and exaggerated eloquence of star architects, I also found my own advantages in the process of architectural learning: facing some complex situations, Or when there is no clue, I can quickly clarify the logical relationship inside, and explain it in the most easy to understand and simple language, so that everyone can understand it.

Just make money.

Several dinners with classmates and friends broke my dream.

Anyway, don’t report to the finance department.

When the boss recruits you, he needs you to create value for him.

I basically found out some doorways in the design institute.

The homework of the students in the class is basically “reference” me.

It was a rare encounter in that small county for many years.

I really don’t know how to choose.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole Nail Plate

In detail, this may be due to the fact that I often explain mathematical and physical problems to my classmates in middle school.

This paper is divided into four parts: ✦ school experience – Mingming likes physics best, Later, I studied architecture ✦ my career as an architect ✦ seized the opportunity to fully develop my ability ✦ set foot in training ✦ finally found a way suitable for me ✦ the choice of fish and bear’s paw ✦ never forget my original intention and continue to move forward.

While excited, I also fell into deep thought.

At that time, the second prize or above could be directly escorted to Tsinghua University and Peking University, and the third prize could be escorted to Fudan University, Zhejiang University and other schools other than Qingbei.

My experience in private enterprises has also exercised my abilities in addition to technical ability.

However, it seems that this is not the case…

I’m like a fish in water.

Mother works in a bank and hates Wu: I don’t know anything else.

After graduating from university in 2010, I also entered the design institute step by step.

Before that, I basically didn’t think about it.

He was an undergraduate in architecture of Tsinghua University in 2010-2018.

He served as a partner of a state-owned design institute and a private design company in 2018-2020.


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