Analysis and Prevention Guide for Common Problems in Fire Protection Acceptance of Civil Construction Projects in Jiangsu Province

Previous summary ● Fire separation between electric bicycle parking lot, parking shed and other buildings ● Can common elevator be set in shared front room, expanded front room and expanded enclosed staircase? ● Can monorail steel fire shutter be set on the garage lane? ● Selection and countermeasures of normally-closed and normally-open fire doors in design ● How to understand “directly to the outside” in the Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings? ● Minutes of a seminar on fire control problems ● Requirements for fire doors in “fire pump room” and “fire control room” ● Summary of common problems in fire control acceptance ● Detailed explanation of the difference between the net area and the use area of the Building Code ● Summary of the answers of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in the field of fire protection ● Summary of the implementation rules of “continuous updating” of sponge cities in various provinces and cities ● How to calculate the height of fire buildings? ● “2022.01.12 Update” Summary of common problems about the use of glass partition in the evacuation walkway ● Summary of 6.6.4 of the Building Code on the requirements for corridor setting ● Summary of the Building Code on the plane layout ● Summary of 3.3.5 of the Building Code on issues related to the office in the plant ● Summary of technical measures taken to prevent flooding in the fire pump room and fire control room ● Can offices, apartments and hotels share the core tube evacuation stairs? ● Summary of common problems with partition walls in evacuation walkways ● An administrative proposal at the end of 2021 – about the setting of outdoor evacuation stairs ● Arrangement of the setting positions of window sill walls ● Can doors, windows and openings be opened on the firewalls between Class C warehouses? Is there any requirement for opening size when opening is allowed? ● Summary of the requirements for the setting of protective cornices ● Does the front room of the fire elevator need to meet the short side of 2.4 meters at all positions? ● How to remember the fire separation between the factory building and the warehouse? ● Summary of fire separation in various places ● Disclaimer of key points for review of construction drawings The documents/drawings and other contributions contained and shared in this official account are for the purpose of disseminating useful information for the public.

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