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Responsible for the research, publicity, implementation and management of intelligent manufacturing standards in building materials industry, including the research of intelligent manufacturing standard system, the development of industry / group / enterprise standards, etc.

Participate in forward-looking research: conduct forward-looking tracking research on industry operation dynamics, development trend and related technologies in the field of digital transformation of building materials, and draft industry policy suggestions; 2.

Have pioneering and innovative spirit, good service awareness, strong dedication and sense of responsibility, and be able to work under great pressure; 7.

Assist the government in formulating the two fusion development plan of the state and building materials industry, promoting the application of information technology in building materials industry, improving the application level of intelligent manufacturing and Internet plus in building materials industry, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China’s building materials industry, achieving substantial results, and highly recognized by the state, industry and enterprises.

[qualification] 1.

Their professional scope covers computer technology, information and electronics, automation Industrial fields such as economy, communication, management science and engineering.

Responsible for the preparation of solutions for intelligent manufacturing upgrading and intelligent factory construction of building materials enterprises; Preparation of project proposal and on-site communication with customers.

Strong writing ability, good at consulting literature, organizing materials, fluent writing, clear logical level and appropriate expression; 4.

Have a certain understanding of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet in industrial field; Have architecture design experience and implementation experience related to PAAS platform, have some research on industry-leading cloud platform, be familiar with big data technology (collection, storage and application) and the construction of big data application platform.

Be responsible for policy, technology and system solution technology research in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation in the building materials industry.

Participate in the current situation investigation and demand sorting of informatization projects, and complete the feasibility study report, construction scheme, work plan, investment estimation, etc; 5.



[deadline] March 31, 2022 digital transformation consultant [Job Responsibilities] 1.

Participate in industry research and analysis: carry out research on strategic and forward-looking issues related to the digital transformation of the building materials industry, analyze the operation dynamics and development trend of the industry, and write industry research reports; 3.

Team spirit, able to safeguard the interests of project stakeholders and keep project trade secrets.

Specifically, it includes intelligent manufacturing capability evaluation, intelligent manufacturing entering the park, supply and demand docking meeting, intelligent manufacturing technology training and certification, etc.

After 35 years of development, it has become the only and most influential industry research and consulting organization for the promotion and application of information technology in China’s building materials industry.

Participate in government support work: assist in relevant management and policy formulation and implementation of national ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology and the national development and Reform Commission; 4.

Participate in the construction of industrial Internet platform, industrial service platform, information system and other projects, and carry out scheme design, construction implementation, technology R & D, test and verification, personnel training and product services; 3.

Have macro thinking, good documentation ability, good at summary and communication, clearly express technical views and structural intention, and have strong ability to analyze and solve problems.

[deadline] March 31, 2022 intelligent manufacturing solution R & D Engineer [Job Responsibilities] 1.

Lifting Socket

Master the modes of business application development, testing, deployment and operation and maintenance, and be able to select appropriate architecture and programming model according to business needs; 4.

Participate in basic theory and technology development research, key technology application and industrial promotion in related fields such as industrial Internet, industrial big data and industrial intelligence, and participate in major project application and technical cooperation in related fields; 2.

Strong ability of organization, coordination and communication, activity organization and market development, rapid research and learning new knowledge; 5.


Graduate or above; 2.

Familiar with and used various mainstream development platforms and development tools, have strong learning ability, be able to quickly learn and adapt to technologies on different platforms, and quickly put into project implementation and operation and maintenance related work; 5.

Responsible for various activities of intelligent manufacturing system solution supplier alliance in building materials industry.

Familiar with national policies and regulations, experience in information consulting is preferred; Familiar with all kinds of common office software, familiar with the functions of word, Excel and Visio, good at manufacturing and optimizing ppt reporting materials, mastering Photoshop and other tools is preferred; 6.

Professional background should be computer application technology, industrial engineering, automation, information management, etc; 3.

[qualification] 1.

Recruitment enterprise building materials industry information center • building materials industry information center, formerly known as the information center of the state building materials administration, is a central state organ and institution, subordinate to the SASAC of the State Council.


Informatization research and consulting center, intelligent manufacturing research and consulting center and building materials information dissemination center are the core departments of the building materials industry information center.

They are the national and industrial soft science research and consulting institutions and portal websites.

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


Master’s degree or above, major in computer, software engineering and other related majors; 2.

Over the years, as an industry platform with national vision.

Participate in the preparation and guarantee of important activities of the unit..

They are one of the most important supporting units to promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the building materials industry.


Responsible for the preparation, consultation and evaluation of major project proposals, feasibility study reports and fund application reports for intelligent manufacturing, informatization and digital construction of enterprises in the building materials industry.

Work area: Beijing / Haidian District Campus Recruitment job details industrial Internet Engineer (Technology) [Job Responsibilities] 1.

Participate in special research and consultation: carry out consulting services such as informatization digital planning, evaluation and diagnosis, investment analysis and special research on cutting-edge technologies for local governments and relevant enterprises at home and abroad.

Be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the platform, system upgrading and other technical support, and participate in the operation and promotion of the platform at the same time; 4.


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