Point, line and surface | a thoroughly explained material manual for controlling the building facade at one time!

Whenever spring has gone and summer has arrived, autumn is always the most promising.

One, two, three, four, progressive, not legendary.

Do you remember the old skills of the former art and forget your worries.

One obsession, four chapters, not finished in the middle of the night.

The sound of drawing and the sound of code words seem to be inspiration.

It is short to work at sunrise and rest at sunset.

It is short to work at sunrise and rest at sunset.

Either online or offline, you and I expect.

One obsession, four capitals, half a month.

When people are ignorant, they don’t feel it in their dreams.

No hesitation, no waiting, is the most important thing.

The sound of the tripod clattered, the sound of the keyboard clattered, but the laughter was still there.

The autumn wind rustled and the manual sounded like golden autumn.

The sound of wheels and tripods seems to be a good work.

When to catch up, when to get drunk, only the wonderful on the keyboard.

Three meals and one night, two points and one line, born like a golden bird.

Go back to Hushang Yuanyuan, look at the bright moon far away, hate the absence of the same city.

Hear crickets chirp, look at the screen for a long time, hate magic no longer.

Looking forward to a long way, full of faith, 5.0, still looking forward to it【 [youth Architecture] back office reply: get the material manual 4.0 HD electronic version.

Doka Floor Prop Nut

You hope online, I write offline, and I will be interested again and again.

March is hazy, early April wakes up, and may has come.

When they wake up, they will clear themselves.


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