Plan approval and then reduce the burden! Some projects do not need to apply for construction engineering planning permission

Once the document was published, Qingdao Blue Valley administration adjusted the planning approval process based on the regional reality and the exemption list, which greatly saved the project construction time and cost and reduced the burden for the enterprises in the park.




② Renewal projects that do not increase the building area, building height, building floors, add mezzanine, or change the facade, building structure and house purpose.

According to the relevant requirements of the reform of national, provincial and municipal engineering construction project approval system and the notice on promoting the exemption list system of construction project planning permission issued by the Provincial Department of natural resources, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of natural resources and planning recently released the exemption list of Qingdao construction project planning permission.


The following construction projects shall be exempted from the construction project planning permit after completing the review of the constructive detailed planning scheme according to the procedures.

Other types ① telecommunication facilities, radio transmission facilities, non operating small distributed photovoltaic facilities and other facilities without independent land occupation.

The elevator installation project in the existing multi-storey residential area that meets the requirements of the Interim Measures of Qingdao for the installation of elevators in existing houses.

② Add integrated car washing equipment and charging (replacement) facilities in gas stations, parking lots and other business areas.

② The installation, maintenance and reinforcement of urban traffic management equipment and road traffic facilities do not involve the modification and change of road planning red line.

③ Maintenance, renovation and reconstruction of roads and pipelines within the plot with clear ownership.

Buildings ① renewal projects of old communities that do not involve the construction of buildings and structures.

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Public welfare facilities ①, bus stops (kiosks), blood donation houses (temporary), 24-hour self-service libraries and other public welfare facilities.

The following construction projects do not need to apply for the construction project planning license.

(source: Ministry of planning and construction)..



Include new or   Update fire water sources, fire-fighting facilities, intelligent parking and charging facilities.

③ Temporary rescue and disaster relief buildings.

Including house maintenance, interior decoration, fire-fighting facilities upgrading and other projects, except demolition and reconstruction.

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The construction, renovation and reconstruction of the supporting facilities of street parks and road ancillary green belts.

Installation of relevant parking equipment on self use land ① use self use land to add non motorized parking facilities and use self use land to set up mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment, which shall be managed according to the installation of mechanical equipment.

Environmental improvement works, including street and lane improvement, external wall energy conservation and thermal insulation, roof improvement (including flat to slope), night landscape lighting, sanitation facilities transformation and other works (except historical and cultural blocks).



   Qingdao construction project planning license exemption list    1.

Public service facilities, municipal utilities, municipal engineering and pipelines ① use self-use land to add public service facilities and municipal utilities such as express cabinet, mailbox, amusement and fitness equipment, guidance facilities, dustbin and guard post.

② , public security departments, urban management departments and traffic management departments shall set up post boxes, monitoring equipment, traffic management equipment and other public welfare facilities for urban safety and traffic management.



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