Our product, yunyuelan Bay, a good community, is not only the architecture itself, but also an inner communication

(schematic) The “second family activity space”, which integrates children’s amusement, fitness, chess and cards, reading, receiving guests and other functions, and cooperates with five theme gardens to make the family’s life scene not limited to indoor, create more warm life experience of “neighbors meet each other, chickens and dogs hear each other”, and meet the comfortable home and harmonious social environment, Maintain harmonious neighborhood relations in the community.

After a large amount of money, the three-dimensional garden of “one heart, two axes, two rings and five islands” is outlined.

It not only conveys the pursuit of architectural quality by top 100 Huahong, but also outlines a high-quality and beautiful life for the owner.

Huahong Jiaxin will reserve the right to modify the publicity materials.

The luxurious elevator lobby is like For private enjoyment, you can put down children’s bicycles and other items, or carefully decorate them to make the warmth of home start from entering the door.

Huahong · yunyuelan Bay, the first launch is imminent, shocked the huge benefits of the first phase, and immediately participated in the capital freeze to seize the first phase discount.

1, have achieved a luxury layout of one ladder and one household, because in this fast-paced market In the era, respect and privacy are the real luxury.

(schematic diagram) not only that, the most spacious building spacing layout of about 68 meters allows the buildings to draw with the trend, making yunyuelan bay a panoramic community with gardens in Low-Rise areas and lake views in high-rise areas.

(schematic diagram) Huahong · yunyuelan Bay, after deeply considering the life comfort of high-end owners, Most buildings (except 1#, 2#, 13#) it is the product planning of two elevators and two households, which can not only increase the privacy, but also take into account the practicability.

Two ladders and two households cloudmansion household side covers are more respected (picture from the Internet) with the change of times, high net worth people’s eyes on home ownership have become more and more demanding, because when life reaches a certain level, keywords such as exclusive, exclusive and private have also become labels of circle identity status.

Fixing Socket

Here, children will find playmates to enjoy fun time, young people have space for self precipitation, and elders have a place to communicate with each other.

Huahong Jiaxin is one of the top 58 real estate enterprises in China (source: Yihan think tank 2020 China real estate Strategy Summit).

The residence is a solidified language full of temperature and emotion.

In all planning, people are always the core protagonists.”—— With the rapid development of Peter Walker, a famous community planning master, a good community is not only a good facade and house type, but also pays more attention to the life creation and experience brought by the space behind the product.

Please pay attention to the latest materials.

Seize the opportunity and miss it again! How can we miss the first phase of Huahong · yunyuelan Bay? VIP registration counts down! Huahong · yunyuelan Bay | dare to be the world’s leader and interpret the spirit of the Chumen era with architectural works Huahong · yunyuelan Bay | who will become the amber work on the central axis of the cross Huahong · yunyuelan Bay | aim at the next core of Chumen and come for prosperity.

The introduction of the project, products, surrounding environment and other supporting facilities in this publicity material is intended to provide relevant information, which does not mean that it has made a commitment; The relevant contents do not rule out changes due to government planning, regulations and other reasons beyond control.

Two sports rings are outlined on the five parks, creating an artistic, interactive The frontier is a borderless garden.

Through the design of household side sets, Huahong yunyuelan Bay returns the situational island style garden to life.

Based on this, yunyuelan Bay has built 8 theme overhead floor universal clubs from the Perspective of the owner to explore n beautiful ways of life in the future.

It has rare permeability, lighting surface and comfort, which brings a rare wide screen vision of Chumen and a wide environment Habitat envied by the whole city.

At the same time, the layout of two ladders and two households has also achieved a “household side cover” pattern that is not enjoyed by most people.

Huahong · yunyuelan Bay | Bay boundary aesthetics museum was grandly opened on November 6, which surprised Chumen.

Everywhere in the garden, cloudmansion has a panoramic view of Manyuan Fanghua (schematic diagram).

(picture from the Internet) “I am more concerned about users’ feelings than form.

The non School District Housing commitment.

In the future life, every household will face the spring and autumn scenery, sunshine and breeze, so that the beauty of natural gardens can no longer be covered.

There is no need to worry about the inconvenience caused by elevator maintenance.

A detailed count of high-end houses, from Shanghai Tomson first grade to Hangzhou Wulin No.

More importantly, it essentially achieves the noble experience of one elevator and one household, but it has more access options and more neighbors to communicate than the design of one elevator and one household.

The project is promoted as “yunyuelan bay” and recorded as “yunyuelan bay”; This information is an invitation to offer and is not an offer or acceptance; The rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the commercial housing sales contract signed by both parties and its supplementary agreements, annexes and other written documents; All descriptions of the school in this material are released by the developer according to the geographical location of the school and the contents of relevant agreements signed with the government education department and the school.

Huahong · yunyuelan Bay | is above the bay area and has a vision of Chumen’s future Huahong · yunyuelan Bay | oldmeetsnew, Chumen in the world stands at the forefront of the tide.

Any specific details are not used as supplementary terms and sales commitments of the commercial housing sales contract; It is not ruled out that the subsequent adjustment will be made due to the reasons of government education departments and schools, and the developer will not bear any responsibility for this.

– theend -..

(schematic diagram) high quality life shapes the second family activity space of cloudvision (picture from the Internet) top 100 Huahong firmly believes that only a community interaction space with soul can create a quality community ecology, make the vitality of the community last longer, and let high net worth people find a sense of belonging.

With the Central Community Park as the core, the entrance landscape axis and the home garden axis are extended to the north, South and East respectively, so as to create five island flower gardens of sharing Island, children’s fun Island, fantasy island, home care island and LOHAS island.


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