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Rem Koolhaas (Rem Koolhaas) many architects believe that their duty is to create beautiful forms, but in Rem Koolhaas’s view, he is to integrate architecture and culture in a dynamic way, observe the world and the surrounding environment with the eyes of journalists, then choose a better time to participate in it, and then use architecture to express his thinking.

From “big underpants” to “must punch in”, the unique geometric folding design of CCTV Headquarters building is also talked about.

The distorted shape and hollowed out center of this behemoth are really similar to the fat cloth flying on the clothes drying pole at the entrance of the old Beijing Hutong.

Compared with the traditional “flying” two-dimensional tower, CCTV’s circulation system provides a real three-dimensional experience.

As he said, “I hope to become a great man by criticizing the society.

This building can be seen in most parts of Beijing.

OMA works are committed to international cooperation, architectural, urban and cultural analysis.

Metropolitan Architecture firm, OMA for short, was established in 1975.

– Rem Koolhaas, who is also the halo of many international architectural awards and professors at Harvard University, has a “beauty and ugliness” on architectural appearance And the idea of expressing thinking with architecture and promoting social development not only affect the whole OMA, but also become the basis of OMA’s architectural design concept in the future, but also affect generations of architectural practitioners.

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The boundary of space is blurred, and any media, old and new, are displayed equally and clearly.

U60 Magnetic Profile

The library won the architectural honor award of the American Institute of architects and was described by Paul Goldberger, an architectural critic of the new Yorker as “the most important and exciting new library to be built by this generation” 。 OMA’s design has changed the narrow definition of “library” and redefined the place where only reading and searching books in the original sense as a place for information storage.

It was selected as one of the world’s top ten architectural wonders in 2007 by time magazine.

Across 5 countries and 6 cities, 6 world’s top design companies are invited to think deeply and jointly explore more possibilities of future life – finally, Beulah selected the best design of sthbnk project from the six Southbankbybeulah this time, please join us to review the unique design of sthbnk by OMA from the Netherlands.

This building, which has long become a landmark of Beijing, flows between light and shadow, which makes people can’t bear to look at it.

When there is an “ugly” in those beautiful or mediocre buildings, people want to find out why it is so ugly.

This idea can be described as cross era in today’s view.

Topic degree and importance, this building has borne many glories and reputations, and as its design studio, Metropolitan Architecture Office, referred to as OMA, is an indispensable part of it.

Say it’s beautiful, day or night.

This towering building, which occupies the best time and place and costs 5 billion yuan, is located in the CBD of the East Third Ring Road of Beijing.

CCTV Headquarters Building OMA is an innovative headquarters building designed by CCTV to find another choice for the shape of skyscrapers.

In the cold light reflected by the building, it is quite moving in the ancient poetry of “looking across the mountain side into a peak”..

Concept map of southbankbybeulah in six months, many professional architectural designers have described the future tallest building in the southern hemisphere with an estimated cost of $2 billion, creating a landmark destination and an unprecedented lifestyle center, redefining the retail, hotel, commercial and residential landscape of our city and injecting vitality into Southbank, Create a better future life.

Design concept speaking of OMA, We have to mention its founder Rem Koolhaas (Rem Koolhaas) people always like the beautiful appearance and tend to ignore the connotation.

Led by eight collaborators led by Rem Koolhaas, a world-famous architect, it has set up sub studios in Rotterdam, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Doha.

OMA adheres to integrating intelligent forms into architecture and master planning around the world, while creating new possibilities for content and daily use.

It is said that it is ugly.

From different angles, you can see different forms, either soft or rigid.

When it comes to the CCTV Headquarters building, many people’s first impression is its shape.

I’ve tried criticizing with magazines and movies.

Today, when information is readily available, the synchronization of all information media and content management make the library play an extremely important role.

In 2018, six of the world’s top architectural design studios, including OMA, cooperated with six well-known architectural design studios in Australia to integrate international and local styles to jointly create a blueprint for the southbankbybeulah # project.

If no one pays attention to me, I’ll watch it again.” Here, architecture is the embodiment of thought.

Beulah explores the story behind internationally famous buildings and studies the world’s most cutting-edge architectural design thinking.

Design works Seattle Central Library, 2005, The Seattle Public Library, the completion of the famous Deconstructive Architecture, is the first classic work of OMA in the 21st century.

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