Northerners are numb! A building in Guangzhou is tiktok like a cockroach, 160W people are watching. Northern netizen: don’t stop me, I have

Once you accept that it’s a cockroach, how do you look like it· Tiktok, a bank of China, responded to the Guangdong branch of Bank of China, shortly after which the response was made by the original Chinese branch of Guangdong Bank of China, who said he was so cute and how it could be a cockroach.

These questions have always maintained the high attention of netizens.

Do you remember? According to the voice of Sichuan observation, Baiyun Airport’s aerial view is tiktok like a cockroach.

For example, there are many horror nursery rhymes about “Southern cockroaches” in Zhihu.

Even the hair on the legs of cockroaches is the same.

It’s more bloody, which can’t be described in words When you search for keywords on the microblog, almost all the comedic stories that pop up are “the fierce man in the north is scared to cry by the cockroaches in the South”.

Now Well, the Baiyun Airport and the Guangdong branch building of the Bank of China have confirmed that “the size of cockroaches in the South” is not a rumor.

Northern netizen: I didn’t believe that the specialty of Guangdong was cockroaches.

The short video also specially put the front and back comparison pictures of “what others think” and “in fact, it’s true” to prove innocence.

(people are a little numb) if the lights are all on at night, people can’t help sighing: “cockroaches will shine!” When we open Gaode map and search Baiyun Airport, we will find that all this is true.

It is the kind that can directly lead to lifelong shadow.

Well, here’s the problem.

The dark light at night and the fuzzy texture look even more frightening.

It also blew up many friends from the north, and their curiosity about “Southern cockroaches” soared.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is like a luminous cockroach! This is not the first case of buildings like “cockroaches” in Guangzhou.

What is cold in winter in the South or cold in winter in the north? Such different cultures can’t be counted with both hands.

As a top 10 Internet surfer, it’s no wonder that we are modest about the war between the north and the south.

If you look from the satellite map, it’s much clearer, but it’s also more similar.

▸ northern cockroach ▸ Southern cockroach asked diga Altman to solve the southern big cockroach.

▸ what others think ▸ in fact, he looks like a good guy.

It’s a building, a building that looks like a “glowing giant cockroach”.

In short, the great of Southern cockroaches makes northern friends wonder: can it carry people? It’s hard to say whether to carry people or not, but it seems to be able to cook.

But it’s still most like a giant cockroach.

Moreover, with its special skills of flying, friends in the North asked one after another: is this a cicada? In this comparison, northern cockroaches are suddenly a little cute (at least a hammer can die).

Under such a background, a “huge cockroach” building of the Guangdong Branch of the Bank of China suddenly appeared, which indeed instantly recalled the painful memories of many netizens..

▲ how to find us quickly—— Star delicacy, click on the outdoor view, and the “right” menu on the home page, “Star” sign: “world natural beauty”, “human tourism”, “food and drink”, “self driving”, “big cockroach” tiktok, and I am a little bit numb.

Generally speaking, it takes half an hour to cry when you run into a southern cockroach.

Not only Altman, but also various settings poured out.

It’s OK not to respond.

Last summer, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport was like a luminous cockroach.

Originally it was just “like a cockroach”, but now it is directly “a cockroach”.

How big slippers do you have to shoot such a big cockroach in such a big airport? Others say, like beetles, like crayfish No matter what it looks like, it’s very numbing.

The spiritual harm it originally gave to its northern friends can not be described in simple words.

The gentle answer is that the southern sister killed the enemy bravely in the north.

But this time, the building in Guangzhou was directly shown to friends in the North! Tiktok, China’s Bank of China, Guangdong Province, has a short video about four days ago, a voice of the first time, and a text of “how can anyone not fall in love with a giant cockroach that glows”? There’s nothing else in the video.

10W netizens left a message at the bottom of the video, with a big brain hole, saying: “it’s really like Altman.”.

Opening one answer after another can be called a horror film.

It really tastes like the end of the world.

Even if the outdoor vision bacteria said so much, they listed the tip of the iceberg of “Southern cockroach legend”.

This design concept needs to be talked to the designer.

At the end of the video, there is also a picture of the blogger.

Under each question, there are fewer than dozens of answers and more than thousands of answers.

The official pictures and those taken by netizens are only the difference between cloudy and sunny days.

In the past few days, a Guangzhou building is going to be shaking up the sound of a building.

Thread Swivel Eye

And set off hundreds of thousands of netizens’ fierce discussion, and even aroused the civil and southern local war.

After responding, more netizens can’t sit still.

The legend of Southern cockroaches in the Jianghu is indeed that there are too many legends about the size of Southern cockroaches in the Jianghu.


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