Ningchuan cultural office space – Regional Architecture

At night, the soft film can give the space the lighting feeling of sky light..



This project is located on the top floor of the office building and has good natural conditions in daylighting.

The final plan echoes the building with oblique lines, breaks the linear framework of rows and columns, changes the social style and dynamic line of the conventional reception space, and then uses the space separation between social and office created by the oblique linear space to create a space comparison between dynamic and static.


We redesigned the ceiling under the skylight, reconstructed the skylight in the shape of an inclined cylinder, and added a soft film on the side of the cylinder to strengthen the formal experience at the entrance.


The project is a new office space designed by Ningchuan culture as a domain architecture.

The medium-term plan adds the concept of taking the reception space as an open social space at the same time, and simplifies the combination of straight line and arc, making the spatial form of social flow more dynamic, while the spatial form of static office space is more rational.

We hope that in the design of the entrance area, the traditional boundary can be broken to form a space with invitation action.

The owner hopes to convey the new concept that the company can give advertisers through space design.


Ningchuan cultural office space is a subsidiary of Ningmeng film, which provides brand advertisers with full case advertising services of content marketing.

At the same time, a large number of blank designs are reserved in the entrance area to reserve variable space for more activities in the future.

Therefore, there is no front desk in the space, instead, the bar table is placed along the moving line, That is, the possibility of social activities in the entrance area.

As the boundary of the office space, the gate creates an obvious separation between the public area and the office area.

▼ the entrance is open to the reception and leisure area.

In the initial stage, the space concept is conceived to start with the meaning given by the company name of Ningchuan itself, and take the flowing and flexible curve elements as the basic form to present a core space with a sense of stage.


Trapezoid Rubber Magnetic Chamfer




In addition to the large-area floor curtain wall daylighting window, there is also a large-area rectangular skylight in the open reception and leisure area.

▼ axonometric drawing is a conventional office space.


▼ the space overview project spent a lot of time in the scheme stage.


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