13 necessary special acceptance of construction projects

other materials required by law.

Based on the case of an engineering project in a region and according to the relevant national and local regulations, this paper summarizes the 13 special acceptance required for the construction project, and understands what there are.

2) After the elevator installation, transformation and inspection are qualified, the safety supervision organ shall go through the registration formalities and issue the elevator safety inspection qualification mark.

01 acceptance conditions of planned inspection line: if the project location meets the conditions of “T-type and one leveling”, the construction organization entrusts the line of qualified survey organization to issue the report on survey results of construction project.

03 elevator acceptance conditions the installation, transformation and major maintenance of the elevator have been completed and passed the self inspection of the construction unit.


For example, there are no conditions for the outdoor entrance and “three prevention equipment” of civil air defense engineering, and complete construction certificate and temporary installation certificate can be issued.

Acceptance procedure 1) when applying for fire acceptance, the construction authority shall provide the following data.

Acceptance procedure after the completion acceptance, the construction authority shall participate in the local civil air defense project quality supervision authority or the competent civil air defense department 7 days in advance, and report the declaration to the competent civil air defense department at or above the county level where the project is located within 15 days after passing the acceptance.

2) The local public security fire control organ shall issue on-site fire control acceptance, acceptance and fire control approval documents.

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For civil construction projects using natural ventilation, the external doors and windows shall be closed for 24 hours.

Copy of new wall material identification certificate.

08 barrier free facilities acceptance conditions complete the content of barrier free facilities in the design drawing and pass the self-examination.

Fire product quality qualification certificate; D.

If the acceptance is not carried out as required or fails to pass the acceptance, the competent construction administrative department shall not go through the formalities of completion acceptance documents.

The elevator inspection authority shall prepare for inspection within 10 working days from the date of receiving the inspection application.

(Note: due to different requirements for special acceptance in different regions, the provisions of the local competent department shall prevail.).

07 acceptance conditions for building energy conservation 1) the contracting organization has completed the contents of the construction contract and passed the project acceptance of each division.

02 accept the planned acceptance conditions, the main body and facade of the construction project are completed, the construction unit entrusts a qualified measurement organization to measure, issues the report on the completion measurement results of the construction project, and the outdoor roads, pipe networks and landscaping are completed.

Filing form for energy efficiency of civil buildings; B.

04 the acceptance and acceptance of fire conditions include indoor fire protection area (including blockade), fire protection (curtain) door, fire hydrant, spray (gas) extinguishing, fire indicating lamp, fire alarm, electric power system and so on.

Fire acceptance declaration form of construction project; B.

Special acceptance report on energy efficiency of civil buildings; C.

Acceptance procedure before construction, the construction authority shall submit a complete application form for acceptance of construction project (Annex report on survey results of construction project) to the competent planning and administrative departments.

Acceptance procedure 1) submit the commencement report and relevant data approved by the elevator user department to the inspection authority for acceptance application inspection.

3) After the installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, power distribution and lighting works, the system energy-saving performance test shall be carried out, and the construction unit shall entrust a test institution with corresponding inspection qualification to carry out the test report.

Payment certificate of special fund for new wall materials; D.

The construction organization shall notify the municipal Bihe energy conservation office of attendance supervision three days ago.

Acceptance procedure the construction authority entrusts the qualified environmental inspection authority to conduct on-site inspection and issue the indoor environmental pollutant concentration test report.

3) When checking radon concentration in indoor environment of civil construction engineering, civil construction engineering using central air conditioning shall be carried out under the condition of normal operation of air conditioning.


2) The confidential on-site physical inspection of the external window shall be sampled according to the testimony of the supervision (construction) personnel, and the qualified inspection authority shall be entrusted.

Acceptance procedure the construction unit of a new, expanded or reconstructed construction project shall accept the barrier free facilities at the same time when organizing the completion acceptance of the construction project.

Certificates of compliance of building components, building materials and interior decoration materials with fire performance requirements with national or industrial standards, factory certificate E.

09 power supply acceptance conditions the construction and supply units shall review the design drawings of transmission devices according to the power supply enterprises and pass the self inspection..

Project completion acceptance report; C.

2) The planning, supervision and inspection personnel shall inspect the construction site.

The subsequent construction can be carried out only after the planning, supervision and inspection personnel inspect the construction site and obtain permission.

05 people’s help acceptance conditions the underground civil air defense project has completed the installation of ventilation, lighting equipment and civil air defense, and passed the self inspection.

Acceptance procedure 1) before the completion of civil construction projects, the construction organization shall organize special acceptance of energy-saving projects by the design, construction and supervision organizations, and be responsible for the acceptance results.

After passing the experience, the planning and administrative departments shall sign the appendix of the planning license.

The construction authority entrusted the qualified fire inspection authority for inspection and printed and distributed the fire inspection report.

Acceptance procedure 1) after completing all construction and environmental construction according to the contents approved by the construction project planning permit, the construction unit or individual shall fill in the application form for construction project planning acceptance, and apply to the planning administrative department for plan acceptance in accordance with the regulations.

06 indoor environment acceptance conditions 1) after the decoration is completed, the construction authority entrusts the qualified environmental inspection authority to sign the contract.

2) When checking the concentration of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the indoor environment of civil construction projects, the civil construction projects using central air conditioning shall be carried out under the normal working conditions of air conditioning.

For civil building works with natural ventilation, the external doors and windows shall be closed and checked for 1H.

qualification certificate of fire protection facilities and electrical fire protection technology inspection; F.

Legal identity cards and qualification certificates of construction, engineering supervision and inspection units g.

2) The documents shall be handled within 10 working days after the acceptance, and the construction authority shall submit the following materials when recording.


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