[New Year’s Day] Huaibei Architectural Decoration Association wishes you all good luck in the Year of the Rabbit!

It is a municipal, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, service institutions and practitioners engaged in the management, design, construction, and processing, production, agency sales, intermediary services, testing and management of building decoration projects, as well as related decoration materials and furniture.

happy new year! Today is the New Year’s Day.

The purpose of the Association is to strictly abide by the national constitution, laws and relevant regulations, and abide by social ethics; Association website: www.hbzsxh.cn Contact number: 0561-3030088 Association address: 4th floor, Hongyang Home, Block E, Guogou Plaza, No.

66, Huantan Road, Xiangshan District, Huaibei City.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

I wish you a new year: the cause of “rabbit” has made great progress, the “money” rabbit is unlimited, the “rabbit” has made great progress, the “rabbit” has made great progress, and the former “rabbit” has made great progress! The Huaibei Building Decoration Association was established in June 2009.


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