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General contracting qualification for construction: construction, municipal administration, electric power, electromechanical equipment, highway, railway, port and waterway, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, metallurgical quality, chemical petroleum and communication.

provides you with all-round supply: the latest construction information.

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Zhaocai cat headquarters is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a “small Hong Kong” in Southwest China, enjoying the “land of abundance” Laudatory name.

Once the company breaks its promise, it is likely to be included in the “blacklist” of construction subjects, limiting some behaviors of the company, including bidding behavior.

Both bidding enterprises and construction enterprises participating in bidding need to understand the process of project bidding and what precautions should be taken in the process of bidding.

Then, the tenderee sells bidding documents, answers questions, supplements and accepts bidding documents.

What are the processes of project bidding? First, it is necessary to The tenderee is required to prepare for bidding, prepare prequalification and bidding documents, issue prequalification announcement and carry out it.

Planned cities: Beijing (Beijing), Tianjin (Tianjin), Heilongjiang (HEI), Jilin (Ji), Liaoning (Liao), Hebei (Ji), Henan (Yu) and Shandong (Lu) , Shanxi (Jin), Shaanxi (Shan), Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia), Ningxia (ning), Gansu (long, GaN), Xinjiang (Xin), Qinghai (Qing).

Zhaocai cat enterprise processing consulting (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.

       What are the processes of project bidding in construction enterprises? Project bidding in construction enterprises is an important thing, which involves the bidding of the tenderee and the bidding of the bidder.

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Professional contracting qualification for construction: Environmental protection, decoration, electromechanical equipment, building curtain wall, ancient architecture and city And road lighting, electronics and intelligence, fire protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, steel structure, formwork and scaffold, foundation, lifting equipment, ready mixed concrete, bridge, tunnel, highway pavement, highway subgrade, highway transportation, railway electricity, railway track laying and girder erection, railway electrification, airport runway, civil aviation air traffic control, airport visual navigation aid, port and coast, waterway Navigable buildings, port and shipping equipment and water traffic management, hydraulic metal structure fabrication and equipment, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical equipment, river and lake regulation, power transmission and transformation, nuclear engineering, offshore oil and special services.

Contractors can timely find out whether there are violations of their own rights and interests, and protect their rights and interests through legal channels.


It is a company approved and registered by the Administration for Industry and commerce, providing qualification, qualification handling, qualification agency, qualification transfer of various construction engineering qualifications, handling safety production licenses and providing talent services for construction enterprises (class I and class II constructor, middle and senior engineer, technician certificate, etc.) Enterprise management consulting company, providing efficient resource services for enterprise development.

In addition, the tenderee also needs to send representatives to participate in bid evaluation To conduct bid opening, review bidding documents and recommend bid winning candidates.

With more than 10 years of intensive cultivation, our business has covered the whole southwest region and promoted to the whole country.

Com) is referred to as zhaocaimao.

Within two hours before bid opening, experts participating in bidding will be selected from the corresponding expert database.

Tibet (Tibet), Hubei (Hubei), Anhui (Anhui), Jiangsu (Jiangsu), Shanghai (Shanghai), Zhejiang (Zhejiang), Fujian (min), Hunan (Hunan), Jiangxi (GAN), Sichuan (Sichuan, Shu), Chongqing (Chongqing) , Guizhou (Guizhou, Guizhou), Yunnan (Yunnan, Yunnan), Guangdong (Guangdong), Guangxi (Guangxi), Hainan (Hainan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macao) and Taiwan (Taiwan).

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We started in Chengdu and took Shu as the mainland.

The bid evaluation results will be publicized on the website of the Municipal Engineering Trading Center for no less than three working days, and then the letter of acceptance of the construction project will be issued, and the bid inviter and bidder will negotiate and sign the contract.

What are the forms of bidding? Bidding can be divided into public bidding, invited bidding, competitive negotiation Single procurement, in which the invitation to bid is not suitable for the project subject to public bidding, but the bidder is invited for bidding.

In addition to these circumstances, it is also possible not to carry out bidding, such as self built projects with corresponding level of qualification certificates.

Legal awareness is a very important aspect, because bidding itself is a legal act and has corresponding legal characteristics On the one hand, improve legal awareness and promote the smooth progress of bidding, on the other hand, protect their own interests.

Credit awareness and credit are becoming more and more important in the construction field, whether it is the latest issued documents or the new construction industry law Regulations, all of which make relevant requirements for credit.

At present, there are more than 500 employees, the proportion of professional and technical personnel is more than 60%, and the number of registered technical talents with medium and high-grade technical titles and more than class I qualifications ranks in the forefront of the operation.

The dishonest construction enterprises will be restricted from participating in the bidding of engineering construction projects, government procurement activities and the transfer of land use right and mining right according to law…



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